Best 8 Mobile Games Like Toon Blast – Addictive Alternatives

Toon Blast is an epic mobile game where you are challenged by fun and crazy levels while you enjoy the company of furry friends like Copper Cat, Bruno Bear, and Wally Wolf.

games like toon blast

The levels are striking and keep you engaged with new worlds and environments.

New episodes are unlocked as you progress and the game awards you with impressive boosters to enhance gameplay and transcend to the next level!

If for any reason you want to try alternative games like Toon Blast, this article is for you.

Below we are listing and describing 8 great mobile games similar to Toon Blast to download and enjoy on your smartphone so let’s see them now:

Cover Orange

Cover Orange is an innovative and fun experience where you will protect your oranges from the deadly acid rain of genetically modified threats to their well-being.

It’s a fun and interesting idea that is one of a kind and you have the opportunity to enjoy multiple levels while protecting your orange friends.

This is a puzzle game that is accessible to any age and you will enjoy some incredible game physics that brings the experience to life!

Each level is unique and fun to witness as you traverse through the various challenges and move obstacles in front of the acid rain.

This is a great adventure with supremely satisfying animation quality that will keep you engaged and entertained with quirky characteristics that leave you wanting more.

It’s a unique and memorable experience that also comes with a valuable message to treat our environment better!

Toy Blast

This is a matching puzzle game with some impressive graphics and features that make it viable for all ages.

Millions of users enjoy this immersive mobile app and all you have to do is match rows of cubes with the same color to create an exciting explosion that will lead to countless levels!

You won’t get overwhelmed with any difficult mechanics here, but it’s enough to keep your mind stimulated during downtime.

Just use your intuition while tapping the matching cubes to progress effectively and swiftly to new challenges.

This game might be easy to play for all, but it’s a challenge to fully master the Toy Blast puzzles.

With over 5000 puzzles to play, you’ll be busy for the foreseeable future with this simple and fun game.

There are some daily challenges that will keep you satiated for the long term and you will find the motivation to succeed here.

There is an online mode where you can compete with other players for victory and bragging rights. Enjoy many new characters to accompany you anywhere!

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Join Stella the Witch as you solve puzzles to combat Wilbur in this satisfying app that is perfect for Halloween!

You have the ability to cast spells and gain access to unique powerups as you progress through the various levels.

One of the main tasks you need to accomplish here is rebuilding your home which was destroyed by Wilbur in the first place.

This is a fun adventure where you can enjoy the process of customization and personalization to your new magical residence.

This is a bubble shooter with graphics that will leave you spellbound. You will enjoy hours of gameplay as the puzzles get more challenging as you approach the final battle with your nemesis. Enjoy a rich and fulfilling challenge with this impressive shooter puzzle game!

Pet Rescue Saga

This is an excellent game app for color training and recognition of various shades. You must save your pets from the clutches of pet snatchers who are in the area ready to swipe them away.

One of the challenges of this game is that you will have a limited amount of moves so it’s important to consider them carefully to ensure they aren’t stolen.

Another feature of the Pet Rescue Saga mobile app is you can play with friends and test your skills. Whoever gets the highest score, in the end, is the winner!

The graphics are captivating and gameplay is definitely addicting. This is a memorable puzzle experience that has a fun theme, and you can purchase in-game items to enhance the game even further and blast through the levels!

Sugar Blast: Pop & Relax

If you have an appreciation for all things sweet then the Sugar Blast app is the right option.

Here you simply match the colored candies to effectively complete your challenges and unlock new levels.

Each one has different confectioneries, and it will definitely stimulate the appetite after a while.

There are so many challenges to complete so you can stay busy for hours with these delectable treats.

You can combine matching chocos to get a stronger one and these can be used for completing levels much quicker and easier.

If you combine candies, then it will result in tasty new boosters that will propel you to a higher score. There are literally thousands of sweet levels to play here so longevity is definitely stressed.

Goldfish Pinball Blast

This is not your typical game of pinball because you’ll gain access to secret areas and tunnels that have been meticulously crafted.

The Goldfish pinball Blast mobile app is an innovative pinball experience that stands out among the rest.

You are basically playing a pinball maze here which is perfect if you’re tired of the traditional experience.

The graphics look very impressive with cool lighting and a great intuitive interface that functions well. It functions the same way as normal pinball, but there are exciting twists around every corner that make it far more engaging.

You can also obtain power-ups along the way to help you tackle the difficult challenges ahead! One of the unique features here is you can actually build your own custom levels which is impressive!

Candy Crush Friends Saga

This entry into the Candy Crush series will have you finding lost friends throughout the area by solving sweet puzzles that get increasingly difficult.

You will collect candies along the way that will enhance your power and allow for more control over the game board.

There will be hundreds of levels to enjoy while meeting fresh new faces along the way. You now have the ability to enjoy a 3D experience with satisfying graphics and sound effects that this series is well-known for.

Access the sticker book where you can change the look of your friends with customizable outfits.

Your friends do much more than looking good though because they will aid you in crushing those harder levels! You can rely on them to get you through the insurmountable candy-coated challenges!

Farm Heroes Saga

Your Farm heroes are ready to save the day from an evil Racoon named Rancid who is trying to swipe all the cropsies and ruin the Farm Lands.

This unique puzzle game will have you matching the right shapes and colors to unlock more levels! Switch and match these cropsies to open the door to new opportunities on the Farm.

Hero Mode will help you earn extra points if you’re looking to progress quicker. Successfully completing the levels will help you to earn magic beans which will unlock the Farm Club option.

You can even challenge friends to get extra rewards here with this exciting puzzle game.

New levels are added every single week so you always get a change of scenery! This is an excellent app to consider if you’re looking for a farming atmosphere.

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