10 Mobile Games Like Idle Heroes – Great Alternatives

Idle Heroes is a game that uses the “IDLE” system (also known as AFK-Away From Keyboard or Incremental Game). This means that your characters train even while you’re not using the game.

alternative games similar to idle heroes

So, when you come back into the game again, your hero characters will be even stronger.

So, you pick your characters, train them, and then put them in conflict against other players.

You can also form guilds to play in multiplayer conflicts. You only need to tap now and again to play, creating a genre of Idle, or low-attention RPG games.

“Idle Heroes” is a popular game in this genre. After playing this game for a while, many people look for alternatives or other games like “Idle Heroes”.

Fortunately, there are several very good game options that are similar to Idle Heroes. Let’s describe 10 of them below:

AFK Arena

AFK Arena is done in the Japanese animation style. There are over one hundred heroes that you can play in this game, and they come from 7 different factions.

Some of the rarest characters include Celestials, Dimensionals, and Hypogeans. You get bonuses for the faction you’re in, and there’s a lot of strategies that you need to overcome particular opponents.

Plus, just like all games in this genre, you continue to level up even when you’re away from the game, or “away from the keyboard.”

Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

The conceit of this game is that the characters are almost heroes. You get some characters with flaws and then you try and train them up.

There are characters like a thief, a goblin with money, and more. The boss battles are huge, and there’s even a mechanic to adopt pets. There’s a mechanic for ancient and powerful artifacts.

This idle game is a lot like others of its kind where you level up even when you aren’t around, and much of the gameplay consists of simple clicking where it’s a low attention type game.

This game’s largest charm is that it has characters that aren’t very brave and they overcome their fears to become almost heroes.

TapTap Heroes

In this game, you start on the continent of Mystia. The queen Freya has heard of a holy sword and is trying to acquire the sword to take over the world with it.

Different factions are trying to stop Freya. Per the game title, you simply tap the screen to get your heroes to fight the waves of enemies coming up on the screen.

If you’re logged out of the game, up to 7 hours, your heroes will just keep fighting on their own.

You can upgrade your heroes over time, and you can even evolve them so they get new armor, costumes, and so on.

The game has more than 200 heroes you can choose from. There’s also a creature called the Illusive Goblin, who occasionally tries to steal your stuff and you have to tap to stop him.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem is a popular line of games that started as a more traditional RPG offering. This version of it is more in the IDLE genre of games on smartphones.

This one does have a strong original storyline where different Fire Emblem characters meet each other. The stages available are up to 1500 in number as of the time of this writing.

The gameplay has been streamlined for smartphone play with a more laid-back style where you have to figure out what advantages each Hero and their weapon have and how they match up with opponents.

You can earn a currency called Orbs during these fights that you can use to get access to better heroes.

You lead your army using touch and drag controls, ordering them to attack by swiping with an ally over an enemy. This is a strategic turn-based game where you pick who attacks who and then let them fly.

Epic Summoners

The full title for this includes “Hero Legends- Fun Free Idle Game.” Like with many other similar games, this one involves choose heroes and then doing automatic battles as they fight for you.

It has equipment options and the ability to summon more heroes.

You have troops that fight with your hero against the enemy with action RPG elements.

It also has the option for you to play offline if you want. You can earn rewards even when you aren’t actively playing, as is common in the genre.

There are many strategic elements that make the game engaging to play. Reviewers have also mentioned the high quality of visual and audio elements.

Crush Them All

Crush Them All has a cartoon style and it has in-app purchases. Once again, you recruit heroes and create an army to fight against evil forces.

This game has a fantasy world that has huge bosses and beasts, demons, and other enemies. You tap with one finger to collect heroes, artifacts, and more, during your heroes to crush your enemies.

Tapping also allows you to get the coins and items you need to advance your progress.

There is a lot of variety in this game with more than 1000 stages. There’s a multiplayer option with guilds.

You can create your own artifacts as well. It’s a pixel game without the need for a lot of concentration.

Ode to Heroes

This game has an eastern slant including heroes like Yao Li and the Yin faction. There are a lot of in-app purchases in this game, but you do get 50 free “draws” just by signing in. This gives you free stuff.

The goal of the game is to use heroes to fix a timeline that’s been damaged. You have to earn the loyalty of heroes in order to get them to fight for you. There are more than 200 different heroes to choose from.

You have the IDLE and auto-battle approach where you choose your heroes and then they can just keep fighting for you, or you can micromanage their abilities more by tapping.

It has the usual elements like guilds, boss fights, treasure hunting, and more. Critics say that it has fast gameplay as far as IDLE games go. You have summoned scrolls too, to get more help.

Summoners War

Summoners War has a more stylized, almost cartoony style. There are more than 100 million players throughout the world who play it.

The setting is Sky Arena, which is a world fighting over the Mana Crystals. There are more than 1000 different kinds of creatures you can summon in this game, so if you like monster summoning type games with variety, this game may be for you.

The goal is to get the best monsters you can to summon a strong team. You have options like decorating your village to your liking, there’s plenty of PvP to try, and there’s a lot of training options as well.

The game has different types of monsters, just like in many similar games. These types include water, fire, wind, light, and dark.

Zombie Strike

The Zombie Strike game is an idler game, also known as an AFK RPG. The goal of this one is to bring together fighters who managed to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

You’re fighting against the undead here, creating squad formations to best handle the threat.

You have the classic auto-battle feature from these types of games that just play automatically for you. You can get loot and many other awards even while you aren’t actively playing.

There’s also the ability to transform zombies to help you out along with the survivors that you find.

Each has its own skills that will help you through the game. You get a resource called hearts that you can send to your friends to help them through.

There are also guilds that allow you all to play together as well. There’s special “guild tech” for unique abilities.

Trials of Heroes

This game is an Idle RPG with strong graphics. There’s an offline auto mode that will give you level ups as is common for this genre.

There are many environments for you to travel through, including marshes, steppes and mountains, and even labyrinths you can travel down into, and other dungeons as well.

There’s a building mechanic for making your own stuff. You can also join the Burning Crusade as part of the gameplay. If you like continual challenges, you can go to the Dark Tower where you will slowly climb your way up.

The worldwide following for the game is significant. There are Guild challenges where you can fight guild bosses, and there’s even a Guild Campaign that lasts for an entire week.

The game has many strategic elements as different heroes combine in different ways along with equipment to make it so that you can make the best squads.

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