10 Mobile Games Like AFK Arena – Great Alternatives

AFK Arena is a well known, addictive and popular RPG mobile game with an excellent artistic style and great gameplay.

alternative games to afk arena

Many people after playing AFK Arena search for similar games in the same Gachas genre (i.e hero collection role-playing games) with slightly different characteristics.

That’s why this article was born: To offer you some great alternative games to AFK Arena with a description of each one so that you can have more choices in your gaming journey. Let’s get started:

Note: The list below is in no particular order.

1) Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a game designed to test skills by building a group of Heroes. These Heroes are then customized by leveraging specific skills and continuing to improve them. This includes fights with a long list of rewards depending on the type of combat.

Idle Heroes is a game offering access to over 200 Heroes with each one presenting a specialized skillset. Build an army, train them, and create a unique blend of skills that is ideal for any upcoming battle.

Learn what it takes to optimize skills to overcome hurdles and enjoy acquiring magical equipment while battling through raids, quests, and dungeons.

2) Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a @D RPG that offers a comprehensive selection of characters, gameplay, and narrative. It allows gamers an opportunity to explore the universe using the adventure mode, manage a long list of characters, and enjoy the beautiful anime cutscenes as they play.

The gameplay is designed to offer a unique take on storytelling within a beautiful in-game setting. This includes learning the ins and outs of special attacks and how they can be leveraged into a robust battle.

The Gacha system is ideal for those wanting to summon their Heroes at a whim. Get the Heroes to come on board and join a party while going out for battle.

Whether it is boss encounters or monsters, it’s essential to make use of the Heroes that are built up and trained. The turn-based battle allows for those skills to come to the forefront in a way that has never been seen before.

From re-rolls to upgraded character equipment, this is a game with developing skills in mind.

3) Destiny Child

Destiny Child is a comprehensive mobile RPG published by LINE Games. This includes a set of collectibles named “Childs” as they are characters that can be grouped into fives.

This gacha RPG focuses on getting players to acquire specific specialized characters based on their skills. This happens with the summing system as it allows gamers to go through the story and pinpoint characters based on their skills.

Destiny Child is a beautiful game with an emphasis on presenting a fascinating setting with robust character-building qualities.

The Live2D animations allow for a more realistic aesthetic to the gaming world making Destiny Child increasingly intriguing for gamers to play.

Each Child comes equipped with its specific skills. These abilities are what allow the Child to do well when it is time to manage well under duress.

By optimizing these skills and learning more about them, it becomes easier to take advantage of what the Child has to offer in battle.

4) Trials of Heroes

Trials of Heroes is all about entering a fantasy world that is unique, all-encompassing, and mesmerizing from top to bottom. Whether it is the detailed marshes, steppes, dungeons, or labyrinths, the winding nature of this setting will get the heart racing.

There is always a battle around the corner with Trials of Heroes and that is what makes it unique. Whether gamers are online or not, the battle continues to rage on with the help of the Heroes.

The days of waiting online are well in the past when it comes to a game such as this. It is easier than ever before to build a team online and then let it continue to play in the background.

Gamers can toggle through a myriad of customizable elements including materials, coins, equipment, and more. Just set it to auto-battle and it will do the rest even when you are not there.

Gamers can also quickly upgrade their star rank and acquire new attributes or skill effects. This is powerful for those who want to optimize everything they do within the setting.

5) Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a futuristic gacha RPG with a hint of classic gameplay. It is right in line with some of the finest classics including Zelda and offers an expansive world that is easy on the eyes. This is a place to have an adventure and weave a tale of your own full of different monsters.

Gamers can quickly summon their heroes, build their skills, and get them to evolve into powerful beings. This is what turns the RPG into an experience that is impossible to forget. Take the time to explore the universe, learn more about what the enemies are all about, and build something unique.

6) Ode To Heroes

Ode to Heroes is a world-class mobile RPG and allows gamers to go through a wide array of game modes while choosing different customizable items.

This includes the main story campaign that is focused on a variety of game modes such as Martial Meeting (1 vs. 1 PVP) or the Secret Realm (PVP). The game allows players to go through a long list of challenges while enjoying everything the universe has to offer.

This is an experience that allows for automation while building strategy in the background. This includes tapping into specific weaknesses or relevant strengthens with the right characters. It’s a way to experience the power of personalization when it is put to use the right way in a battle.

7) Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Another Eden is a robust mobile game designed by GREE. It is a game that looks to emphasize a free-to-play setup using a unique set of scenarios.

The gameplay focuses on time travel and getting the gamer to go through three different time periods including the past, present, and future.

This game is designed to be a side-scrolling JRPG and offers an engaging experience anyone can fall in love with, Gamers are expected to move the character around between different battles and locations.

This allows enemies to pop up and become hurdles along the way during this journey. The turn-based battles make it an intriguing experience as gamers get to look at a long list of characters to choose from. This is what allows the game to flourish and become a fun one to play.

8) Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventures is a refined RPG and offers a beautiful setting. It is a straightforward game focused on getting to the top of the mountain to achieve the statute of “Adventurer of Legend”.

This journey begins by starting on the main server and choosing a role – Survival, Support, or Attack. It’s also important to choose a sub-class such as Mage, Shaman, Assassin, Warrior, or Gladiator.

Each season lasts for 15 days and it allows gamers to get transported between settings. This is what allows the customized battles to flourish.

9) Dragon Blaze

Dragon Blaze is an all-encompassing 2D mobile RPG designed by FLINT. It is built around a full-fledged narrative focusing on the life of The King of Dragons.

Gamers get the opportunity to put their skills to the test as they wage war against the dragons. This includes getting to choose between different classes and pass through several stages while learning how to combat the right way. Gamers get to choose from over 100 Heroes and can customize them down to the last detail.

10) Crush Them All

Crush Them All is an RPG Pixel game with the essence of Idle heroes gameplay. The premise behind this game is to put together a robust army of heroes that are recruited to fight evil.

It offers an abundance of resources, villains, and unique experiences that are memorable right away. This evil includes Gigantic Bosses, Demons, and Bests as they travel through the large map.

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