10 Mobile Games like June’s Journey – Hidden Objects and Mysteries

June’s Journey is what’s called a Hidden Object game, which is a type of puzzler. It’s often also a mystery game. When it comes to June’s Journey in specific, it’s a game where you try to find hidden objects and other items to help you solve a mystery and test your problem-solving skills.

alternative games to june's journey

The story has romance and mystery elements, and it’s set in the 1920s. You play along with a detective named June, who is trying to uncover a family secret.

You will look for clues in many different scenes, and then tap on them to progress. You can customize your manor as well.

Below we are listing and describing 10 alternative mobile games like June’s Journey that have similar styles of play to this one.

Unsolved: Hidden Mystery Detective Games

Just like with the June game, this one is another hidden object game where a hidden object is worked into a larger picture and you have to tell them apart to find them.

The signature character in this one looks suspiciously like Velma from Scooby-Doo.

There are quite a few adventure puzzle games in this collection for hours of finding hidden objects.

The first one is on a world called Eventide featuring a character named Mary Gilbert.

Hidden City: Hidden Object

Complete with a Halloween theme, this game has thousands of puzzles and riddles in it, including many hidden object games.

The plot includes a rumor that mirages or images of an unknown city is making its way throughout the world.

You are part of a detective agency that is trying to discover the truth. One of your friends is kidnapped by the city. Now you have to solve puzzles in order to get him back.

Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Objects

This game about the heiress and expert pilot Pearl Wallace has been praised for its beautiful graphics on mobile phones.

Pearl is trying to unravel the mystery of her father’s seeming suicide. You follow clues all over the world to find out who killed her father and what that person’s plans are.

This game also has the ability to redecorate a mansion, including Pearl’s family mansion in the Polynesians.

The game is set in the ’30s, and it has the usual Hidden Object style of play where you try to pick out objects within bigger scenes. Plus, at the same time, you get an engaging mystery.

Sherlock – Hidden Object Mystery

This game has you following Sherlock Holmes himself on Hidden Object adventures.

The game is using the unusual plot of works of literature changing to make the villains win, including books like Alice in Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz, and others.

Along with Holmes, you have to discover the reason why this is happening, by finding objects and solving puzzles along the way.

The game is free, but you can make purchases for bonuses within the app. You can completely disable purchases if you want in the settings.

Game play includes finding hidden objects by tapping on them. Then, you can often use these objects to help solve further mysteries with the game. There are extra puzzles, characters from literature, and updates for constant new material.

Detective Story – Investigation

Another highly rated Hidden Object game for mobile devices, this game is also called “Jack’s Case.”

The game is based on a story from Philadelphia about a strange package being delivered at a detective agency’s office.

It has a locked box inside. Someone then calls and says that you have one hour to save someone’s life, and then he gives you a clue.

The game has HD graphics, and it has a lot of detail in the pictures that you are looking at during game play.

Objects are highly realistic looking. You go through many different locations in this game because you are in a large city.

Locations include people’s backyards, decks of ships, and more. There are also many different characters in this game when you’re trying to solve it, which makes everything less obvious like what happens when there’s only a few culprits.

The Secret Society – Mystery

Secret Society has you exploring a mansion. It has strong production values, and the recommendation is to use more modern phones and tablets, including high-end headphones if you can.

There’s a lot to explore in the mansion here. The plot includes that your uncle has gone missing and you have to explore hidden items in order to unlock the secret as to what has happened. There are also other games like swapping and matching gems.

There are many places you can find more information about the Secret Society community, such as on Facebook.

One of the interesting parts about this game is that you can play the free game in many different types in order to move at whatever pace that you want.

Grim Legends 3 – The Dark City

This game is aimed more at teens, using the hidden object style as well as other puzzles and mini-games.

You play a monster hunter just like in previous iterations of the game. The goal is to save the city of Lichtenheim from a Nightmarish monster coming from a different dimension.

Along the way, you have to stop a thief who purloins a powerful artifact related to your own monster-hunting past.

You can play the basic game for free, and if you do it well enough, you can unlock the full game from inside of the free version.

There are 36 different locations to explore, all of them featured intense detail with the Gothic look of the city.

There are other editions of this game as well that have quests like helping distanced lovers. There are many mini-games to play and hidden objects to find.

The teen focus brings a more fantasy feel to this one, and the animation is more focused in a fanciful way as well, instead of lending itself to realism.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

The plot for the Mystery Manor game is that the owner of it, Mr. X, has vanished, so those that live there have to solve the manor’s mysteries. This hidden object game is mixed together with an immersive story and intense graphics.

Each floor of the mansion contains rooms that look innocent enough, but they are full of hidden objects that will help you solve the manor’s mysteries.

There aren’t just hidden objects here, there are also quite a few things to do related to what real detectives do.

Other characters in the game are included in the search for clues and objects so they can help.

There are many different types of hidden objects to discover here, including the usual but also silhouettes, hidden words, even strange phenomena.

Traditionally, the game also gets regular updates for more content. There’s the occasional Match-3 puzzle game in here as well.

Manor Matters

Manor Matters is set in a manor named Castlewood. This is an old manor that has lots of secrets. It starts out as abandoned, though no one knows why.

There are also rumors that it’s haunted. This game is kind of a combination of the renovation mini-game genre along with the hidden object puzzles.

So, you are both looking for hidden objects in rooms, as well as going on to renovate them.

You even get an assistant to help you out, named Carl. There are detective-type mysteries to solve, along with ancient treasure.

There’s also a story that goes with it that has many different characters for complexity.

When you unlock rooms, you can get even more content to explore. It gives the game a satisfying challenge of fixing everything while you explore.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Seekers Notes has a charming atmosphere to it with its Halloween style. There are some thematic puzzles in here as well, such as the Haunted Lights game or the Treasure Box puzzle which has the traditional Match-3 option to it.

There’s one called Ancient Cards, and there’s even a Jigsaw puzzle. So, it’s a game that has something for everyone whether you enjoy jigsaw or hidden objects only.

The plot involves being in a hidden city with a curse named Darkwood. You start off with no memory except your ability to find hidden objects.

You have to use your detective skills to undo the curse within the city. Some of the hidden objects can actually shape-shift or be in places like complete darkness.

It will definitely strain your skills and creativity to find all of the objects that you need to find in this game.

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