All About Shiny Mega Glalie and How to Get it

To get a Shiny Mega Glalie in Pokémon GO, one initially needs to acquire a Shiny Glalie. The likelihood of securing a Shiny Glalie increases during specific in-game events, particularly those featuring increased Ice-type Pokémon appearances.

Through gameplay mechanics, encountering a Shiny Snorunt and evolving it into Shiny Glalie using 100 candies is a prevalent method.

Alternatively, engaging in Mega Raids presents an opportunity to capture Shiny Glalie directly, with odds of encountering a Shiny around 1-in-128

To mega evolve Shiny Glalie into Shiny Mega Glalie, a player requires Mega Energy, initially 200 units for the first evolution. Subsequent Mega Evolutions of the same Pokémon type require less energy

Participation in Mega Raid Battles is the main avenue to earn Mega Energy for Glalie. Additionally, completing related Field Research tasks could provide Mega Energy during certain events. Players must check the in-game news to stay updated on these instances

In conclusion, the process for acquiring a Shiny Mega Glalie involves catching a Shiny Snorunt or Shiny Glalie, followed by the use of candies and Mega Energy to evolve and Mega Evolve the Pokémon respectively. Intermittently, the in-game events offer an elevated chance for these encounters alongside game-specific mechanics.

Some Info about Shiny Mega Glalie in Pokémon GO

Shiny Mega Glalie in Pokémon GO is an Ice-type with a stat distribution of 252 Attack, 168 Defense, and 190 Stamina. This makes Shiny Mega Glalie a powerful attacker.

Its optimal moveset, for dealing damage, pairs Frost Breath with Avalanche, resulting in a DPS of 16.23.

Visually, Shiny Mega Glalie is distinguishable by its black rock core surrounded by ice, with blue highlights and a generally darker hue than its normal variant.

Compared to other Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Shiny Mega Glalie stands out with substantially high Attack stats at 252. It outperforms its non-Mega counterpart in both offense and defense, with Mega Glalie boasting a greater stat total, including a 190 Stamina rating.

The regular Shiny Glalie has an equal Attack and Defense of 162, and while it has the same Stamina as its Mega Evolution, it lacks the additional power and moveset options available to Mega Glalie.

Additionally, the Mega Evolution has a unique aesthetic with more pronounced blue accents and a darker overall color scheme compared to its regular Shiny version, which is distinguished mainly by its red eyes.

What beats Mega Glalie in Pokemon GO?

Mega Glalie in Pokémon GO is weak against Fire, Rock, Steel, and Fighting moves. Top counters include Mega Blaziken with Fire-type moves, Shadow Metagross, and Mega Charizard Y.

Shadow versions of Entei with Fire Fang and Overheat, as well as Reshiram with Fire Fang and Fusion Flare, are also effective.

For trainers with access to legendary Fighting-types, Keldeo with Low Kick and Sacred Sword can deliver significant damage.

Terrakion and Heatran are additional suitable counters, the latter particularly with Fire Spin and Megma Storm.

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