10 Mobile Games Like Epic Seven – RPG Gacha Anime Alternatives

Epic Seven is a mobile game with a Japanese Anime style. The game involves raiding areas like the Labyrinth to get awards, fighting monsters and having top quality animations including cutscene quality.

games similar to epic seven

You can form guilds and play with guild members against other guilds in a 3v3 type scenario.

The game is an MMO RPG type where you collect characters and use turn-based combat. Its gameplay also includes a Gacha summoning system and turn-based combat as mentioned above.

In this article we will list and describe ten great Epic Seven mobile game alternatives that work on both Android and iOS smartphone devices, so let’s get started:

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is set in the magical world of Kanterbury. It has gameplay where you solve puzzles, fight in strategic action combat, collect heroes and weapons and much more.

The gameplay is turn-based and there’s a lot of dungeons to explore. You also have a considerable amount of player versus player combat if this is what you want.

You can customize a floating castle including random elements like clowns, circuses, or pancakes. You can collect up to 50 heroes and 100 different weapons, each with its own ability.

Another Eden

The subscript for this game is “The Cat Beyond Time and Space.” It features gameplay where you move left or right through the game world.

You collect different heroes by collecting resources to buy more that you encounter through rips in time.

You travel throughout time and space going to ancient worlds, but also to the future with a medieval type world being the presence of the game.

Everything in this game is optimized for mobile, including making the controls a lot easier since you only move left or right.

It was made by the same guy who made the game Chrono Trigger. There is a continuing storyline to follow, but you can also add a number of other characters as you collect them.

It has RPG elements where you pick your attack from your character, and magic attacks are based on resources.

Summoner’s War

This mobile game is another option where you have action RPG elements, including more than 1000 different monsters to collect.

You have to get Mana Crystals in order to succeed in this world of Sky Arena.

Just like with other games within this genre of RPG games with collection elements, you have to find monsters from types like Dark, Light, Wind, Fire, and Water.

Then you put together a team to help you progress through the game. There’s a PvP element in this game as well, and there’s also a construction for creating new items.

You can create over 100 different items using this system with Runes.

Hero Cantare

This is another game with collecting summoned creatures as a theme. There are special contests like the Summer Festival where you can get as many as 288 free Summons as well as a strong Hero.

There’s a PVP element in this game as well if you want to battle your friend in real-time.

The main world you’re in is called Tetra, and you can level up a character you choose to progress through the world.

Hero Cantare uses Web Toons as a partner, and you can connect with webcomics throughout the game.

There’s also a trial tower element where you can fight in towers and win prizes that your character can use.

There’s a boss at the end of challenges to win high-level awards, and you can fight in the Arena in 3v3 or 1v1 fights.

The Seven Deadly Sins

There is an anime that corresponds with this particular mobile game. The game focuses on keeping story elements the same as the original Japanese anime.

The gameplay is in the turn-based RPG style. There are new gameplay elements that make this game a bit more unique, including having skills that upgrade when they have the same star rank and are next to each other.

You use cards to start ultimate move combos.

You can use whatever strategy you want to combine characters from the show to achieve victory.

There’s a game option called Death Match that lets you play with another player to fight off demons.

You can add whatever outfits you want to make a unique customization for you.

The plot revolves around the continent of Britania and the Holy War that finished three thousand years ago. The war starts anew, and your goal is to help to win it again.

Destiny Child

This game takes place in the Infernal Realm and you play a fiend. It’s based on card collection, again going with that collection theme.

There are again many costumes to collect, with a very colorful Japanese art style. You also collect many different characters.

You play using a strategy with many hundreds of characters, each with unique skills that can combine in specific ways.

There are raids to join throughout each season where you can get special awards. There’s also a World Boss option where you can combine together to defeat it.

For this particular option, you can use up to 20 characters in your deck. It works out to be a massive battle if you go this way.

Reviews talk constantly about how beautiful the game is and how well-designed everything is compared to other games.

Exos Heroes

The plot behind this game focuses on finding something called Exestruk. It’s a sword missing from the emperor.

It also involves a curse of an ancient dragon. Gameplay is in an RPG style. You have to fight against evil forces on the continent of Exos.

This game has an ancient Airship you can ride around on. The ancient dragon is called Bitru and your main character is called Zeon.

It’s an original story with a lot of freedom to explore. The graphics are strong enough that they look like cut scenes. There’s a lot of battling in this dream-like world. The fighting system involves using “Guardian Stones.”

Plus, just like many games of this type, there are more than 250 heroes to collect, and almost an infinite amount of combinations to use as you play through this rich world.

Lord of Heroes

In this mobile RPG game, you play a King. This king is trying to make his country better.

You can be either male or female as the game starts out, and it says that their name is just “Reigning Monarch” to start out.

You can then choose a name and choose some characteristics for their appearance, though there are limitations.

You then meet your knights, who do all the fighting for you. Many people consider this to be the best part of the game.

You can unlock dozens of knights, again introducing the collection mechanic that is key to these types of games. These knights shine in the impressive 3D graphics.

The knights have a lot of personalities and are an important part of the game. The way gameplay works are that you have to visit different countries and use your knights to fight through.

Shining Beyond

Again, Shining Beyond features many different unique heroes that you can collect and then develop.

This is a hybrid between collection games and idle-action. Once you collect and choose your heroes, they will start passively getting resources and loot for you.

The game takes place in the world of Feldria which is currently fighting a war with an ancient evil power.

In addition to the offline idle play, there’s also a Co-op option for playing in real-time with other players.

The game also has a job system that’s highly detailed and that allows you to upgrade them with different costumes, equipment, and runes.

One of the most noteworthy parts of Shining Beyond is that you have special events that happen in-game.

So you can play with your friends on official Treasure Hunts and special Raids.


In this mobile game, you play as an agent for a Pharma company called Rhodes Island.

This company is trying to stop a deadly virus. Your leader is named Amiya, and your job is to find Operators that you can then train and send on missions.

It’s an anime-style game that has both RPG and strategy parts to it. You collect hundreds of different operators, and from there, you’ll get more and more classes to combine in interesting ways.

It has Idle elements to Auto Deploy operators. The game is also known for having some of the most talented Japanese voice actors in the industry, as well as a soundtrack that many reviewers took note of while reviewing.

This collection style of game is sometimes called a “gacha game,” which refers to toys in vending machines in Japan. It specializes in finding random virtual heroes that you can then play.

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