10 Mobile Games like Bitlife – Life Simulator Games for Android-iPhone

BitLife – Life Simulator is a mobile game where you start a human life with the push of a button and then make choices about that life as you go.

alternative games similar to bitlife

Each choice affects the digital life you made and leads to more choices. You can become a criminal or develop a legal career.

The possibilities are endless. It’s essentially like an interactive story.

Here are some more examples of other similar games like Bitlife that are also available online. Most of them are available for both Android and iPhones as well.

AltLife – Life Simulator

This is another app for Google Play Android, and you start by having a randomly generated beginning. It’s unique and random every time you start.

AltLife has a huge array of possible jobs from dishwasher to CEO. In order to get each job, you have to have the right requirements including your age, what stats you have, and more.

Some of these are randomly generated, others you can earn. It’s possible to reach heights in your career as well including becoming a “utoober.”

You can end up in relationships, choose different activities, buy items, and more. They even announce who is the top utoober week to week.

Sims Mobile

This game is a mobile version of the classic Sims game. You can customize the “Sims,” or simulated people, that populate your world, giving them the exact personality traits, makeup, clothes, and other options that you want.

You can build homes according to your liking, guide your sims to live in the way that you want, and even combine your sims with other sims from other people in the game.

They can go to parties together, form romantic attachments, with many other possibilities as well.

For example, Sims can end up starting families and this could include passing down heirlooms from one to another. The game does have in-app purchases if you want extra, but you don’t need to do this in order to play the game.


This life simulation game features colorful drawings and plenty of choices for you to shape what kind of life your simulation will live.

This includes decisions like who you invite to hang out with and who you’re too shy to be around, what kind of career you want or whether you even want a career, how much you work out at the gym, what kind of goals you have, and so on.

This could lead to interesting outcomes like if you become a shopping addict, deciding to then sell the clothes online, which could lead to an online business.

The game is surprising in the possible outcomes you could end up with from situations that don’t seem that they would go in that direction.

Life Simulator- Realistic Life Simulation Game

In this game, you can start in different life scenarios and see what you can do from there. It’s possible to play out a rags to riches scenario, for example.

The game is very focused on balance between the various aspects of your life in order to stay healthy physically, mentally, and in terms of happiness. There are win scenarios in this game as well, and you can do so in a few different ways.

All in all, you have options to travel to many different countries, you have more than 15 different life scenarios to start with, including being a college student in debt, someone who never completed high school, and so on.

The game allows you to buy things like yachts and sports cars if you earn enough. You can do whatever you want with the property, including renting out, leasing it, or any number of other possible scenarios.


This mobile game is aimed at teens and it has a Japanese animation feel to it. Its purpose is to analyze your personality and simulate yourself.

Whispers will come up during the game and you have to tap on them to gather a resource called EGO. Once you progress through the story and collected enough EGO, you can use it to take personality tests and possibly learn something about yourself.

Each choice you make as you progress through the story will lead you in different directions, potentially resulting in many different endings. The in-game world will be constantly changing as you take tests, make choices, and answer questions.

This option is a lot more about simulating ways your only life could go rather than simulating the lives of others, but there’s certainly a similarity with other Simulated Life games since it is still doing that.

Life Simulator 3 – Real Life

You start in this game by creating your customized avatar. You can make it look like you or like anything you want. There are over 130 different options for jobs here.

You can even be a paleontologist. Movie producer, judge, captain of a sailboat, there are a lot of choices. There are also a lot of options for creating social situations as well, including moving in with other people, going on dates, and more. The game even has a mechanism for having your combined salary listed.

Moving into a new house includes going to a castle, a penthouse, or just a regular apartment. There are 100 different possibilities for getting an education where you can then parlay that into a job. This makes this game one of the best if you like variety when it comes to education.

Streamer Sim Tycoon

This life simulator app is more specific, allowing you to simulate becoming a famous streamer. You go all the way from the beginning process of finding viewers and followers, developing skills related to the job, and climbing the ranks to become one of the best live streamers ever. This game is engaging enough that it’s won awards.

You can choose what games to stream after yous tart up your channel. Once you master particular games, your viewer cont will go up.

It’s possible to upgrade your appearance in multiple ways, including how your computer looks, what you’re wearing, and so on. The game even lets you acquire fake sponsors, sell fake fan merchandise, upgrade your house and eventually become one of the best streamers around.

It’s not even necessary to have an Internet connection to play. There are tons of achievements and different games to master like puzzle games or RPG options.

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

This stunning three-dimensional game allows you to play in a virtualized world where you can wear whatever you want and go to events.

You start by making an avatar to represent you and whatever you want to look like in the virtual world. There’s quite a lot of control available here, including what your hair looks like, what clothes you wear, even specific features for your face.

The game includes animations that you can use to show off your personality and opinions, like struggling or zombie shambling.

The game features a weekly update to new fashion as the trends change. There are more than 30,000 possible fashion items in this game, so for those who like to focus on fashion in their life simulators, it’s hard to get any better than that. Many of them are realistic but plenty has styles like wings that you can wear.

Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game

This game has a cartoon vibe to it and is rated good for Everyone. It does have in-app purchases though, so make sure you pay attention when you’re playing the game so you don’t buy something by accident.

You can customize all aspects of your cartoon avatar’s life, including buying the house you want, decorating the room, and changing out what everything looks like whenever you want. You can train whatever pro skills you want to get the salary that you want for your avatar. You can get house upgrades and others as well.

You can even change hair color as you go about your career. It’s a very detailed game where you can buy and add everything from ornaments to furniture in your house. You will start in a little loft and you can proceed all the way to earning a mansion.

Virtual Sim Story: 3D Home and Life

Clearbell Island is the setting for this 3D virtual world game. You can create your avatar here, and then meet friends and build your home exactly the way you want it.

This game is all about making your style exactly the way you want it, having cute animals around everywhere, and simming just about everything possible.

You can build a career, design the perfect pet animal for you, and more. There are even placing to take your custom pet animal for a walk.

It’s a massive open world on this virtual island and there are shops, beaches, and much more laid out everywhere. There are even secret places where you can play with friends online only for you. It’s designed for teenagers and you can customize your three-dimensional clothing however you want.

You can play in this simulated life island with people from all over the world. It’s a seriously detailed world.

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