10 Mobile Games Like Coin Master – Alternatives for Android

Coin Master is a casual mobile game with more than 100 million downloads whereby users must spin to win coins in order to advance in the game.

games similar to coin master

You can even play this game through social network sites like Facebook, and the idea is to earn loot by spinning wheels to get coins in order to build up your villages.

You get a certain number of free spins by doing things like subscribing to their newsletter or through other links.

You can also attack and raid other players’ villages in order to make your villages better and better.

It’s a casual mobile game that you can play nearly endlessly. Here are a few other games similar to Coin Master that you can try right now.

Island King

Island King is another freemium mobile game that’s all about collecting coins through spinning prize wheels.

The plot in this one is helping a girl named Luna find her missing father through the help of her friend.

In order to do this, you have to build up resources and fight pirates, earning coins with spins and raiding other areas.

This type of game has been compared to Monopoly, Solitaire, or Bingo, except with a more adventure component.

Piggy GO – Clash of Coin

Piggy Go has a lot of similarities with the previous games. You use spins to get coins so that you can get coins and build towns in places all around the world.

You have options like cannons to fight your friends online and get their treasure. You use Shield tokens to protect your coins.

You can steal coins from bank vaults, all by spinning and moving around a game board.

Spins are generally free, but there are limits to how many you can get free per day. In order to maximize how many coins you can get for free, you have to search around the Internet. You can also purchase coins directly with actual money if you are so inclined.

Pirate Master – Be Coin Kings

This game has a cartoonish pirate theme, and it again has the board game-like feel to it with spins and coin collecting.

In this particular game, however, you build up ships and explore your local area through the ocean.

You can get territory this way by collecting more and more coins for resources. If the spin you use ends up on 3 skulls, then you can steal coins from other pirates.

Spinning onto potions gives you more spins. Shields can help you protect your coins. Cannons help you attack other players and get coins.

Coin Boom

This game in mobile has a raccoon mascot. You build up villages with coins again, but in this one, you can find new villages. You win something with every spin. You can raid other villages in this one as well.

One of the visual elements of this game that’s a bit different is that, per the name, you use dynamite to blow up other villages and get their coins. You can even explore Antarctica. As well as many other places throughout the world.

Once you build it up, you have to defend it with shields and other methods. Collecting cards can also give you extra prizes.

This game also has the option of getting animals that you can feed and upgrade for even more bonuses.

Coin Tycoon

Coin Tycoon has an elf as a mascot in this casual coin game. Spinning slot machines will get you coins and let you seal coins from others.

You can also get various rewards with luck-themed items. This game has more of a gambling theme than the traditional board game approach that you get with many of the other options out there.

There are also some extra themes in this one that is a little different. For example, you can transcend time and space in your search for gold here.

You can go just about anywhere to meet people from different civilizations throughout history in order to collect the most coins and get the most rewards, power, and kingdoms.

Age of Coins: War Master

This mobile game combines the traditional casual coin collecting game with a puzzler. You have the slot machine aesthetic, but you also have puzzles to solve.

It starts with spinning slots to get coins for building your cities, but you also have to collect things like maps and puzzle pieces, unlike in other games. There are adventure elements along with jigsaws and strategy elements.

It’s quite a diverse game with many different ways to get ahead.

Coin Pet

The mobile game Coin Pet focuses on helping you build a manor. It uses the construct of slot machines as the main way to get the coins you need.

You can get coins, sneak attacks, regular attacks, shields, or gift bags as a result of slot machine spins.

It’s possible to build your growing manor the way you want to using coins that you collect.

The animation has lots of stylized animals per the name of the game. There’s also a card collecting system for gaining even more cards and energy for blocking attacks.

On top of the usual elements for these kinds of games, there are special events and contests where you can get all sorts of rewards. It often means that you have to try to get in the top 10 of the listings for contests or events.

Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams brings the coin collecting casual mobile genre back to a board game approach.

It involves the main character, Bob, and his quest to defend his homeland. In this game, you roll dice in order to aid Bob in his quest to regain his kingdom and throne, rebuild it, and keep it safe.

You spin to play around the board, including the ability to steal coins from other players’ boards that you have within your social group on Facebook, for example.

You can win coins and gems from rolling on this board. It even allows you to loot other players through the creative visual of firing a slingshot at the kingdoms of your friends.

One big obvious difference between this game and many others is that you roll dice instead of doing a spin on a game board or slot machine.

Coin King – The Slot Master

The Slot Master game also has a combination of the usual Facebook coin collecting and city-building casual elements with an adventure game feel.

In addition to getting coins and loots and raiding your friends, you can also collect rare artifacts. If you collect enough rare artifacts, you can get additional benefits for the set.

There’s also the option to counterattack people who loot your coins immediately. The game appears to have an epic look to it, even though it still has stylized cartoon elements.

It appears that considerable effort has gone into showing maps and interacting with that map in a versatile and engaging way.

Lords of Coins

Here’s the second of these coin games where you can travel through time, except with this one, you can go to magical lands as well.

One thing that is different about this game is that you can invest coins instead of just collecting them. Through your slot spins, you can be more strategic when you collect coins.

In addition, there’s also an adventure component where you follow the exploits of a professor who crashed on his ship and doesn’t know what year he’s in.

You can follow his adventures while he moves through one culture after another throughout history. This game also allows you to upgrade settlements as well, such as the ones on islands.

The animation here is rather rich and there’s a lot to see with every animation that happens on-screen in reaction to just about everything you do, including playing slots, building things, and generally going about your business during the normal course of the game. The visual portion is just as engaging as the other parts.

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