10 Mobile Games Like Egg Inc – Great Idle Clicker Alternatives

As far as idle clickers go, Egg Inc is one that you’ll plan to play for a few minutes then end up stuck building and improving your chicken farm for hours on end.

alternative games to egg inc

With no real enemies to battle, you go at your own pace, watching this colorful 3D world filled with chickens for as long as you’d like.

Are you in the mood to download a similar game to play alongside this? There are 10 incredible mobile games that will remind you of Egg Inc.

In the post below we are listing 10 mobile games like Egg Inc that we believe you will love.

1. Make More! – Idle Manager

Make More! – Idle Manager drops you right into the middle of a factory. You start out small with just a single factory with one lonely worker, but before you know it, you’ll be expanding your factory into something larger and busier.

This game allows you to hire and train workers, and if you just aren’t quite feeling their work ethic, you can fire them and fill up their spots with cool robots instead.

No matter what employees you have, you push yourself to become the best boss, improving productivity and even owning multiple factories on your way to turning into a billionaire tycoon.

2. Bee Factory

Bee lovers can rejoice when they install Bee Factory. Easily addicting, this mobile game is filled with bees at every turn from the actual little critters to the theme of the artwork.

The black and yellow coloring is everywhere along with various honeycomb designs, making the look alone instantly appealing.

As for playing the game, you can unlock more than 100 little bees. The more you have, the better your chances of making a lot of honey.

You can even upgrade your machines and bees, improving their output and bettering your money flow. Just sit back and watch the cash flow in.

3. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 puts a spin on standard idle games as this also serves as an RPG game.

This places you in an epic adventure with Sword Master as you fight to defeat the Titan Lords. There are more than 150 Titans to encounter across 14 realms.

The visuals are stunning, more than enough to keep your attention. There’s a lot to do besides just tapping too.

Recruit various heroes and pets, customize your equipment from your armor to your weapon, and unlock various skills.

There’s even a multiplayer mode where you can make your own clan or join another. With over 70,000 levels, the excitement doesn’t end anytime soon.

4. Clusterduck

If you’re looking for something wacky and original, Clusterduck is the game for you.

As the name implies, there is quite a cluster of ducks. In fact, all you’re doing is hatching as many ducks as you possibly can.

Things aren’t that simple though once you look past the surface. These ducks will start to genetically mutate. These mutations range through four types: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

You can collect more than 100 different body, head, and wing variations too, allowing you to see a remarkable variety of awesome ducks.

Feel like you have too many? Just drop them down that giant hole, but take care about peeking too close into the abyss as you don’t know what’s down there.

5. Tiny Pig

Tiny Pig is a tapping tycoon game by the truest sense of the word. The faster you tap, the more bacon you produce.

The more bacon you produce, well, the more “bacon” you get. You’ll get rich before you know it.

This clicker game places you in the role of the owner of a bacon business. Get your pigs, upgrade your pork shop, and sell off your bacon to a variety of customers around the world.

You can research numerous topics to improve your business too, bettering everyone’s efficiency so that you can get more money.

Remember: the more pigs you have, the more chances you have to make more bacon.

6. Tiny Sheep Tycoon

The bright and colorful Tiny Sheep Tycoon is a fun idle clicker that places you in charge of a sheep farm. Build up your wool production business to become the best and make the most money.

With your trusty dog companion, you will herd your sheep around, keeping them in line the entire time. Clone your sheep to better the production of wool.

Besides that, you can build up your farm and make improvements through various research. Don’t forget to intercept those storks to steal what they’re carrying for some extra goodies.

7. Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash

Ready to mine some gold? With Idle Miner Tycoon: Gold & Cash, you can build up a factory mine empire to get rich. This game successfully blends idle clickers with mining management.

As you build your business, you’ll continue to level up, improving your gold miner to better automate the workflow to make a constant flow of money.

Other than that, you can invest in this game, earning a profit from these various investments to make more money. Don’t want to oversee your people yourself? Hire a manager to make sure your miners are properly motivated.

8. Tiny Goat Idle Clicker Game

The Tiny Goat Idle Clicker Game is about as relaxing as you can get. You can sit back and become a rich tycoon in the milk business, especially as you can use your managers to earn money in your place when you’re not there.

You don’t always have to tap once you automate the milk-producing process. Even so, you can click on your goat to check up on how things are going.

Although the managers will earn money for you, you have to remember to make a few upgrades to the vehicles and the facilities to improve the output.

9. Hooked Inc: Fishing Games

There’s nothing like becoming a fishing legend, and with Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, you can live out those dreams on the great big sea.

With this mobile idle clicker, you can take your boat and cross the grand sea and find some hidden and rare exotic fish. Your fishing empire will grow the more you improve and upgrade your crew.

There are daily tournaments to compete in, and don’t forget your main mission while out in the great open waters: catch the Big One.

10. AdVenture Capitalist

The AdVenture Capitalist is the definition of “rages to riches”. This idle clicker mobile game will start you off with some humble roots with just a simple lemonade stand, and you can only go up from there.

You’ll soon become the CEO of a cash printing multinational conglomerate. You can even invest to earn more money, compete in some limited-time events, and of course, dress the part so that you can look like a million bucks.

There’s even a chance to take this off-world as you head to the moon and Mars for more business opportunities.

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