10 Games Like Clash Royale – Great Alternatives

Clash of Clans took the world of mobile gaming by surprise. It provided a deeply immersive style of gameplay that many people assumed could only exist on consoles.

similar games ti clash royale

The combination of immersive gameplay, easy-to-learn mechanics, and highly stylized high fantasy worldbuilding created a phenomenon almost overnight.

So it’s little wonder that its successor, Clash Royale, has caught on just as quickly.

Clash Royale isn’t an easy game to fit under a single banner. The game combines tower defense mechanics, real-time strategy, and collectibles into a singular experience.

And on top of everything else, the game also shares a setting with Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale provides an undeniably fun experience. But people who’ve enjoyed the game often want to move on to something similar.

While it’s true that Clash Royale is unique, there are ten games in particular that provide a similar gaming experience.

Let’s discuss 10 games like Clash Royale that are great options.

1) War Heroes

war heroes

Clash Royale fans will be quick to catch on to some gameplay similarities with War Heroes.

War Heroes also works with the overall style of a tower defense game. And like Clash Royale, it pushes beyond the limitations of that genre. It even uses some similar concepts to do so.

For example, like Clash Royale, War Heroes uses a card system to provide different troops and weapons.

War Heroes even provides a similar GUI to make use of the cards. The game currently provides players with the chance to leverage more than twenty-five different cards to their advantage. Each of these cards provides different weapons and troops.

The setting of War Heroes offers an interesting departure from the one found in Clash Royale.

Instead of Clash Royale’s high fantasy setting, players can now explore the battlefields of our modern era.

War Heroes has a lot of similarities with Clash Royale’s gameplay design. But the aesthetics make it feel different enough to provide a nice alternative.

2) Stormbound


Stormboard has some elements which will be familiar to Clash Royale players. The chief among them is a collectible card game motif.

It also has some high fantasy elements that are sure to draw in people who love that aesthetic. And Stormbound’s look and feel are similar in many respects to Clash Royale’s.

However, players will quickly note that Stormbound seems more focused on a grid system than Clash Royale. And this is part of Stormbound’s charm.

Stormbound incorporates most of the gameplay elements of Clash Royale. But it adds a strategic board game aesthetic into the mix as well.

This creates something that can best be described as a mixture of real-time strategy, collectible card games, and chess.

3) Soul of Eden

soul of eden

Saying that Soul of Eden shares visual similarities with Clash Royale would be an understatement.

The two games have a very similar user interface design. The fantasy elements in both games also have a lot in common with each other. And the games even have similar color palates.

Soul of Eden’s gameplay is also fairly similar to Clash Royale. The main difference comes from a more open playing field with fewer lanes to worry about.

Soul of Eden’s unit placement is also a nice change of pace over Clash Royale’s. And it even gives players a chance to work on troop arrangements to create better formations.

One of the best things about Soul of Eden is just how similar it is to Clash Royale while still maintaining its own unique charm.

The game is different enough to offer a nice change of pace. But it’s also similar enough that anyone who enjoys Clash Royale is sure to like Soul of Eden too.

4) Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes marks an unexpected departure from the franchise’s normal gameplay elements. The visual style is sure to make any Plants vs. Zombies fan smile. But the gameplay is much more similar to Clash Royale than the earlier Plants vs. Zombies games.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes has a heavy strategic element that presents players with a playfield containing five different lanes.

But it’s the game’s cards that really let Plants vs. Zombies Heroes break away from the other Plants vs. Zombies games.

Cards in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes are used in a fairly similar way to Clash Royale. All of these elements make Plants vs. Zombies Heroes a nice mix of elements from the classic Plants vs. Zombies games and Clash Royale.

5) Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl

If you look at Badland Brawl from a purely descriptive angle then it can seem almost identical to Clash Royale.

Badland Brawl is a colorful PvP tower defense game filled with bright colors and a card mechanic. And you’ll find some distinct similarities between the two games when you’re playing.

But Badland Brawl takes all of these elements in a different direction than Clash Royale.

The main difference between the two games comes from Badland Brawl’s catapult system. Players aren’t set on a standard grid-based tower defense structure.

They are instead presented with a physics-based challenge using catapults. The catapults provide a gameplay element that’s closer to Angry Birds than Clash Royale.

However, many of Badland Brawl’s underlying mechanics are in line with Clash Royale. The end result is a game that’s similar enough to Clash Royale to draw in fans, but different enough to give them something new to explore.

6) Brawlhalla


Brawlhalla is another game that mixes and matches genres to create something very different from Clash Royale.

But at the same time, there’s enough common ground to offer a compelling experience to Clash veterans. The differences between the two games are self-evident when starting Brawlhalla for the first time. Players won’t find any of the tower defense mechanics from Clash Royale. Instead, the playfield is more similar to action platformers like Super Smash Bros.

With that in mind, how are the two games similar? The most readily apparent similarity comes from the collectible aspects of both games.

Brawhalla has a wide variety of different characters to unlock. In fact, this is one of the most compelling parts of the game.

Blue Mammoth Games has licensed characters from properties as diverse as Tomb Raider and Steven Universe.

The characters can be collected by simply playing and mastering Brawlhalla. But the characters can also be unlocked through a one-time payment.

7) Rush Royale

Rush royale

Rush Royale provides a different take on many of the same core concepts found in Clash Royale. And Clash Royale veterans might need some time to adjust to Rush Royale’s user interface.

The game’s basic concepts are quite similar to what’s found in Clash Royale. Players are presented with a tower defense game where different decks present different challenges.

Even the graphical style harkens back to many of the themes found in Clash Royale. But the game’s mechanics are presented in a different enough way to make Rush Royale its own game.

Rush Royale’s challenge level, in particular, tends to run a little higher than Clash Royale.

8) Deck Heroes: Legacy

Deck Heroes: Legacy

One of the great things about Clash Royale is how well it melds multiple genres into a singular whole.

Most of the similar games seen so far have put a focus on the tower defense mechanic. But Deck Heroes: Legacy puts a heavy focus on the collectible card-based elements seen in Clash Royale. In fact, cards and decks form the foundation of Deck Heroes: Legacy’s gameplay.

The focus on cards drastically changes this game’s user interface into something very distinct from most of the other games like Clash Royale.

Instead of having cards as a minor UI element, Deck Heroes: Legacy gives them the full attention they deserve.

Your cards appear on one half of the screen and your opponent’s cards appear on the other side. This dual placement helps players focus on their overall strategy.

But it also provides an opportunity to appreciate the high-fantasy artwork on the cards. All of this makes Deck Heroes: Legacy a great alternative for Clash Royale players who found the collectible aspect of the game particularly intriguing.

9) Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Minon Masters works with most of the same gameplay elements as Clash Royale. If you loved the tower defense aspects of Clash Royale then you’ll almost certainly love Minion Master’s take on them.

And if you enjoyed the card collection in Clash Royale, you’ll almost certainly appreciate those aspects of Minion Masters as well. Of course, the basic strategy angle found in Clash Royale is present in Minion Masters as well.

The big difference in Minion Masters is that all of these elements are slightly tweaked. The game’s graphics are the most notable improvement. Minion Masters uses a highly stylized 3D design rather than 2D graphics.

But gameplay elements differ as well. For example, Minion Masters doesn’t have card leveling. Lack of leveling makes your build design a lot more important over the course of a gaming session.

Positioning in Minion Masters also plays a larger part in the overall success or failure of any given campaign. In short, Minion Masters and Clash Royale are similar but still distinct takes on the same general concepts.

10) Smash Legends

Smash Legends

Smash Legends is arguably the most graphically advanced alternative to Clash Royale. This is in large part due to the fact that Smash Legends puts an emphasis on player versus player gameplay.

Focusing on characters means that the game needs to give every individual some extra graphical polish.

Smash Legends provides several different takes on the same action-packed play style. The game gives you the option to jump into 1vs1 combat, 3vs3 team-based matches, and full battle royales.

The latter mode pits eight players against each other to determine the best of the best. All of these modes use a similar 3D modeled style which allows for full movement in every direction.

Smash Legends is a good Clash Royale alternative for players who thrive on the game’s competitive aspects. Smash Legends does allow for solo matches. But the game is ultimately defined by its enthralling player versus player combat.

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