10 Mobile Games Like Archero for Android & iOS

Archero is a highly popular RPG game with a distinct arcade feel to it. In the game, players are required to follow maps, fight monsters and improve their skills in their quest to becoming heroes.

mobile games similar to Archero

If you are looking for other mobile games like Archero, you have come to the right place.

Read on below for a comprehensive list of ten mobile games similar to Archero. Just like the original Archero, the games listed below have the same interesting gameplay, awesome visuals and numerous levels.

The list below is in no particular order.

Arcade Hunter

A free to download arcade game packed with tons of action packed adventures, Arcade Hunter is definitely designed to be more like Archero and other similar fantasy games, but with a few important upgrades.

To get through the dungeons and fight all sorts of monsters as you make your way to the boss, Arcade Hunter allows players to level-up their skills, weapons and armor.

Other main features of the game include the ability to unlock various heroes with different weapons and fighting styles, beautiful environments, highly addictive arcade gameplay, monsters with devastating abilities and access to a huge variety of awesome weapons and armor.

For those who do not want to make in app purchases, the game allows you to deactivate this feature. However, it is worth mentioning that you will need an internet connection to play this exciting game.

Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush is a game that brings together numerous genres into one exciting package. The game features addictive Tower Defense, real-time Player v Player Ladder Tourney Mode, and interesting Multi-player World Map battles.

Like other games on this list, Magic Rush is all about developing your hero. The player starts off as a beginner archer who gets to improve their skills and weaponry as they advance through the levels.

During gameplay, you get to hunt down various monsters, some of which are sent to chase you down, spread across different locations in the game’s fantasy worlds including dungeons. You will also encounter various bosses at the end of each level.

It is worth noting that while the game is free to download, it does offer in app purchases. However, the feature can be deactivated.

Hunter: Master of Arrows

Master of Arrows is an action packed single player RPG game. In the game, the player is required to hunt down and kill hordes of monsters including goblins, ogres, skeletons and Cyclops among others.

As the player, you will have to assume the character of a lone archer who must be able to find the right combination of strategies, attack patterns and weaponry to defeat the relentless enemies encountered across different worlds.

As you advance through the levels you will be able to improve your skills, weaponry and fighting strategy to ensure that you prevail against the monsters and their bosses – who are increasingly dangerous.

Some of the main features of the game include easy and intuitive controls, uniquely designed worlds as you level-up, a huge variety of weaponry and stunning graphics all through among others.

Tales Rush

Designed with the same basic idea as Archero, Tales Rush puts the player in a fairytale world – with two heroes Sword-girl Alice and Ninja Alibaba – where you are supposed to fight monsters and save the day.

Like other games described here, the player starts with a basic set of skills and weapons which make it hard for them to overcome the hordes of monsters they will encounter at every turn.

As such, you will need to learn new skills, upgrade the character’s weapons and even recruit other heroes in the game as you advanced through the levels.

To improve your skills and overcome monsters more easily, you will get the opportunity to loot a variety of helpful items, including gold, as you make your way through the games fantasy worlds.

You will also need to change your fighting strategies on each new level as different monsters have different weaknesses and strengths. If you get stuck on one level, you can always get helpful hints from the game.

Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter

In this action packed mobile game inspired by old-school arcade games, you will be required to shoot down zombies, and bosses, as you make your way through a fantasy post-apocalyptic world. You will start each journey with basic skills and weapons, and gain upgrades as you level up during gameplay.

Each battle in the game is unique from the next one, with a list of abilities and weapons being generated randomly. However, you can still choose from your preferred options including ricocheting or piercing ammo, fire bullets and multishot, in order to suit your fighting style.

Zombero brings together all the amazing components of an action packed RPG game including a rogue like shooter, hit and run survival autofire, easy controls, impressive visuals etc. Furthermore, even if you lose your internet connection during gameplay, you can continue until the end of the run offline; you only need to connect again at the end.


This is another action packed RPG game optimized for mobile users. The game allows player to customize their character, chosen between Sorcery, Archery and Skirmish, in their quest to fight against a bunch of evil monsters.

Throughout the game, players will be accompanied by a dark fantasy atmosphere, fastpaced combat and awesome special effects.

You will have more than 40 levels to explore, engaging all sorts of monsters from the abyss as you make your way to the boss.

If you don’t want to follow the game’s storyline, you can choose to explore the expansive world of the game, hacking and slashing the many monsters and looting any resources you can find; thus, developing your character as you please.

Dashero: Archer & Sword Master

This fully offline RPG game takes players through a sword and magic fantasy world. To overcome all the evil monsters in the game and establish yourself as a hero, you must farm resources, including runes, weapons and coins, and also improve your skills. Otherwise, the ever growing hordes of monsters will prove to be too much for your character!

Armed with an invincible sword, players get to experience a one of a kind combat system featuring slash attacks and long range magic. The game also features impressive 3D visual effects as well as awesome music and sounds to ensure the most exciting and immersive playing experience.

Tiny Archers

In this RPG game, you get the chance to become the hero by defeating the hordes of trolls and goblins that have laid siege on your kingdom’s tower. To defend your tower and successfully save the kingdom, you will have to overcome a variety of monster invaders by discovering exciting characters and unlocking powerful abilities and magic arrows.

Players have the option of using four different characters, including beastmaster, elf, dwarf and human, to fight against hordes of monsters. To improve their characters, players will have to farm resources and sharpen their archery skills through training. You can also choose from four different stories and play through 130 separate levels!

Tiny Archers is a highly social game that allows player to chat with, or even play against, other players.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

In this roguelike action game, players take on the role of a wizard who uses a variety of powerful magic skills to fight evil monsters in a Dessert Company.

For the player to overcome the myriad of monsters in the Dessert Factory, they must take advantage of the five magic elements and over 50 magic skills.

The game’s environment is littered with a wide selection of powerful artifacts that players must collect and use in combination with their magic skills and elements to come up with different fighting styles.

In addition to regular gameplay, players can also access a Daily Boss Challenge, Endless Mode and Infinite Challenge Mode.

Monster Killer

Set in Victorian England, Monster Killer is another interesting Archero-like game. Featuring impeccable visuals, the game lets players assume the role of an assassin who has to fight against all sorts of evil creatures along the narrow streets of Victorian London, when darkness falls.

Monster Killer takes players across various parts of the expansive city, hunting and killing bandits and evil creatures as well. To have the best chance of overcoming all enemies and bosses, players must work hard to develop their skills and improve their weaponry, which included blades, crossbows, bows and revolvers among others, along the way. In the game, monster hunters also have the power to summon various pets to help them with their quests.

With the above list of games that closely resemble Archero in mind, you will always have an interesting quest to embark on in the most exciting and entertaining fantasy worlds.

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