Is “For Honor” Game Crossplay and CrossPlatform? (PC,Xbox,PS4,PS5)

For Honor” is a game that takes players into distant eras to pit unlikely foes against each other. Players can choose from a variety of different archetypes from different medieval cultures.

is for honor crossplatform

Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and even Wu Lin will face off against each other. Combat can take place through multiple different gameplay styles.

The four factions include Iron Legion, Warborn, Dawn Empire, and Wu Lin. These groups determine a variety of different stylistic and gameplay elements.

Combat itself can take place in a number of different styles. Some types of combat take a form similar to a more strategic one-on-one fighting game. Other forms of combat are essentially a reskin of shooters into a medieval swordplay-based aesthetic.

This focus on factions and combat suggests that “For Honor” would be well suited to multiplayer.

And For Honor does indeed put a heavy emphasis on multiplayer modes. Multiplayer supports a wide variety of different play styles.

This ranges from one-on-one duels to a four-player dominion mode on a large battlefield.

The game even runs on multiple platforms. However, this brings up an important question.

Just how well does the game hold up when looking at crossplay and crossplatform support?

Does For Honor Support Crossplay?

The short answer is that “For Honor” doesn’t support crossplay or crossplatform.

When the game was first released in 2017 there was a lot of hope for crossplatform support.

It’s quite common for games to only receive crossplay support after they’ve had a chance to build up their userbase.

This time period saw a huge increase in games which went from locked play styles to crossplay.

The game’s publisher, Ubisoft, also has a generally open policy about crossplay. They seldom give a solid “no” to the idea and leave it open as a possibility for later updates.

Ubisoft has indeed patched in crossplay to some of their titles over time.

But with all that said, hopes for crossplay in “For Honor” have been slowly chipped away over time.

Nobody but Ubisoft can know for sure whether the lack of crossplay will be maintained indefinitely. But all signs point to a strong possibility that For Honor will never have true crossplay support.

The only minor exception to this rule is the Playstation, which has cross-generation support.

“For Honor” runs on both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Ubisoft has put a lot of work into ensuring full continuity between For Honor on both iterations of the Playstation.

This includes sharing in-game inventory and purchases between in-progress games on both the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

Likewise, multiplayer games can run between the two generations of Playstation. This effectively creates crossplay between the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

What Platforms Can You Play For Honor On?

For Honor was initially released for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Additional features and cross-generation support were added for the Playstation 5 shortly after the console was released. At the moment there’s no hint of any further ports.

Can for Honor Be Played Solo?

With limited crossplay it’s natural to wonder how well the game holds up for solo players.

The answer has a lot to do with someone’s taste in games. The game absolutely does allow for single-player campaigns even though For Honor is most well known for multiplayer.

In general, you can expect to spend about six to eight hours to fully run through the solo content.

It’s true that the single-player campaign is fairly short. But it can still be a lot of fun for people who enjoy the game and want to experience everything it has to offer.

Is there anything more in the game for solo players? The answer is a little mixed.

The solo campaign is technically the only truly single-player content. But players don’t necessarily need other people to enjoy the multiplayer modes.

This apparent contradiction is possible thanks to the game’s AI system. The multiplayer supports AI players.

This means that you can essentially enjoy all of what the multiplayer systems have to offer when playing alone. It’s just a matter of using AI opponents instead of other players.

The AI isn’t perfect and can become a little predictable over time. But most people will manage to get a lot of enjoyment out of the game before they start to see beneath the surface of the AI’s decision-making tree.

However, any discussion of AI leads to another important point. Just how tough is the game? Will players feel overwhelmed by the AI when they first start the game or does the challenge gradually ramp up?

Is for Honor a Hard Game?

For Honor’s solo campaign is generally set at a nice mid-level for difficulty. This makes it a good way to get the hang of some of the game’s mechanics.

These mechanics are also where a lot of people’s problems occur. The game isn’t necessarily hard. But there’s a lot for new players to take in when they’re getting the hang of things.

For example, to be really effective in combat a player needs to be able to properly parry, use CGB, do external blocks, etc.

Add in the various different gameplay modes and it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed at first. Players who don’t fully grasp the mechanics will probably feel like the AI, or experienced opponents, have an unfair advantage. But in that respect, the game is a lot like chess.

If you know the move sets then you know how to properly counter an opponent’s strategy.

But if you don’t understand the moves then you’re essentially at the mercy of what appears to be random chance.

It’s not so much that the game is hard. It’s more that the game tends to punish people who leap in without really mastering the foundational skills.

It’s generally a good idea to run through the tutorial before trying anything else. Then play through the solo campaign. The game introduces a few concepts in this mode to let players gradually get used to them.

Players should have all of the basics mastered by the time they’ve finished up both the tutorial and single-player campaign.

Player versus AI should be challenging at that point. But it’ll be the fun kind of challenge rather than feeling unfair.

In short, For Honor is somewhat difficult. But much of that difficulty is alleviated by simply getting used to the game’s mechanics.

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