10 Games Like “It Takes Two” – Great Co-Op Alternatives

It Takes Two is an award-winning co-op game that’s garnered a lot of praise. It’s particularly noteworthy for the fact that it seamlessly melds multiple styles together into a singular whole.

similar games to it takes two

It Takes Two brought together unique gameplay elements, co-op fun, and a distinctive sense of humor to create something that caught the world’s attention.

But many fans of the game were left wanting more after finishing it. Is there anything else that can spark the interest of people who loved It Takes Two?

In fact, there are a few similar games that have elements that fans of It Takes Two are sure to love.

Here are ten games like “It Takes Two” that we believe you will love as well.

1) A Way Out

A way out drops players into the role of two convicted prisoners. The players need to not only break out of prison but also delve into their pasts while staying one step ahead of the authorities.

A Way Out’s strongest similarity with It Takes Two stems in part from the emphasis on co-op.

A Way Out uses a split-screen style to show the world from each character’s perspective. This split view helps two players work in harmony to solve puzzles together.

Another similarity between It Takes Two comes in the form of minigames. Players can take a break from the game’s main story to enjoy small minigames.

Some of these minigames are based on sports, arcade games, and even exercises like push-ups.

Though there’s one other important similarity to It Takes Two. It Takes Two and A Way Out are both from the same publisher. It’s easy to see how some of the gameplay elements in A Way Out influenced choices in It Takes Two.

2) Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is, of course, the sequel to Unravel. But don’t be put off by the fact that this is a sequel. You don’t need to play the first game to enjoy Unravel 2.

The game puts players in control of a yarn doll. The yarn is used to link the two main characters together.

But it also provides a clever gameplay mechanic that opens up different moves and locations. For example, yarn can be used to swing from trees or drag an object to the player.

Like It Takes Two, Unravel 2 puts a heavy emphasis on a co-op play style. If a player goes it solo then he’ll need to manually switch between the two yarn dolls.

But the real fun comes from playing co-op with a friend. When doing so, the two players can work in tandem with each other to work through the game. It’s a far more fluid and immersive experience than trying to play on one’s own.

3) Overcooked 2

Overclocked 2 is another sequel. But once again it’s a game you can jump into without having played its predecessor. In fact, Overclocked 2 is essentially a more feature-rich version of the original Overcooked.

In Overcooked 2 you’re tasked with saving the Onion Kingdom. You’ll do so by running various restaurants with bizarre but entertaining kitchens.

The most obvious similarity with It Takes Two comes from the co-op style. But Overcooked 2 takes things further by allowing up to four people to play together.

Overcooked 2 also shares a similar sense of levity and self-awareness with It Takes Two. After all, in the end, you’re working in a fantastical kitchen to save the Onion Kingdom.

4) Army Of Two

Army of Two is a third-person shooter that puts a heavy emphasis on its two-player co-op mechanic.

It’s this emphasis on co-op that really differentiates it from other third-person shooters.

The two players are free to explore maps as much as they want. However, many of the game’s goals require the two players to cooperate with each other and form solid strategies.

The game’s emphasis on co-op is quite similar to It Takes Two, but that’s where the similarities end. The theme and overall tone of Army of Two are much dourer than It Takes Two. The game itself is fun, but there’s nothing inherently humorous about the setting.

5) Portal 2

Portal 2 is arguably one of the most well-regarded games of all time. People typically have fond memories of its inventive setting, humorous dialog, interesting lore, and creative gameplay.

But the game’s solo campaign was so critically acclaimed that many people lost sight of the fact that Portal 2 can be played co-op.

Portal 2’s co-op mode ditches the franchise lead Chell as the protagonist. Instead, the two players take control of robots named Atlas and P-Body.

The players are presented with a series of increasingly difficult puzzles to solve. And each level is also accompanied by dialog from the hilariously snarky AI GlaDOS.

The co-op mode starts off as a competition. But it’s soon clear that teamwork is the best path forward.

The co-op mode in Portal 2 is a little short when compared to It Takes Two. After all, it’s just one part of a larger game. But the gameplay is fantastic as is the humor and voice acting.

6) We Were Here

We Were Here launches players into a strange mystery realm. After finding themselves lost in a frozen wasteland two people discover an abandoned castle.

Is it their salvation or something they can’t even imagine? To find the answer to that question players will need to solve puzzles together by communicating over their walkie-talkies.

What’s more, the game is free-to-play on Steam. And if players take to the experience then there’s a wealth of sequels to enjoy.

Players of It Takes Two will love the co-op experience of We Were Here. The two games might not share much in terms of setting.

But the feeling of working with a partner to solve puzzles together should feel very familiar to anyone who loved It Takes Two.

7) Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Trine 4 is a departure from the style of most games like It Takes Two. Trine 4 goes for a traditional 2D platforming style that harkens back to some of the genre’s classics.

This is a stark departure from Trine 3’s 3D elements. But while Trine 4 uses a traditional 2D style, the gameplay solidly innovates with some of the best techniques of modern games.

The player can use environmental tools, abilities, and talents specific to the three character types.

The game’s co-op style is the most obvious similarity to It Takes Two. The game supports up to 4 player co-op. Though Trine 4 does have one other major point in common with It Takes Two – story.

The storylines in both games aren’t very similar to each other in terms of plot points. But the depth of storytelling found in Trine 4 is a good match for the expert environmental storytelling found in It Takes Two.

This makes Trine 4 a great choice for people who like to combine co-op play with an engrossing storyline.

8) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

It takes two presents co-op gameplay in the context of a family. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime takes this concept to the next level as the game is essentially a celebration of love.

Up to four players take on the role of “The Lovers”, a special type of astronaut. Their ships are powered by love itself. And they need to defeat the forces of anti-love.

The game’s four campaigns provide players with a wealth of options to defend their spaceship. The more players the better. But the game can also replace players with a cute AI space pet.

9) Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

There’s little question that fans of It Takes Two will find a lot to love in Brothers. This is largely due to the fact that Brothers and It Takes Two are products of Hazelight Studios.

Though when the game was first released in 2013 the studio hadn’t really solidified its view of co-op gameplay.

The original release of Brothers does feature two characters who are active at the same time. However, one player is in control of both brothers.

Over the years the game was ported to a number of different platforms. But in 2019 the Nintendo Switch received a port that should be especially interesting to fans of It Takes Two.

Unlike the releases on other consoles, the Switch version of Brothers does have full co-op for two players.

Each player has full control of one of the two brothers. The standard version of the game is a lot of fun. But the Switch version has the most in common with It Takes Two thanks to the two-player co-op.

10) Knights And Bikes

Knights and Bikes shares both theme and co-op elements with It Takes Two. Like It Takes Two, Knights and Bikes is centered around a child’s view of an often confusing world.

And like that game, Knights and Bikes also see kids trying to solve the problems facing the most important adults in their lives.

The two main characters, Demelza and Nessa, are searching for the treasure that can save Demelza’s father’s financial woes.

Players can accomplish this by taking control of one of the two characters. The game can be played solo.

But like It Takes Two, the game is best enjoyed with another player by your side. The co-op action includes combat, puzzles, and even soccer.

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