Borderlands Video Games in Order of Release

The “Borderlands” game series has been around since 2009 and has offered some great titles in the gaming industry including a “Game of The Year” Edition.

Borderlands Video Games in Order

In this article we will discuss and describe all Borderlands games (main games) in the order they were released by the developers.

Borderlands (2009)

Borderlands first came onto the gaming stage in 2009 and was considered to be a mixture of a first-person shooter with the ability to role-play and build a character.

The world is set in Pandora and you are tasked with finding an elusive vault full of alien treasure that is waiting to be discovered.

This title took the industry by storm with its charming atmosphere and space western theme.

Gearbox sold 4.5 million copies which were far outside the realm of expectation.

Overall, the game received excellent reviews and this would signal the release of sequels.

Later a remastered game of the year version was released for PC, Ps4, and Xbox One.

Borderlands 2 (2012)

Borderlands 2 was released in 2012 and stayed true to the mechanics and gameplay of the original.

Once again, you have the freedom to choose between different vault hunters that include playable characters from the original game along with some new faces to consider.

The main struggle in this sequel involves contending with Handsome Jack who is a CEO of a major mining company seeking to take control of all the resources in Pandora.

This is the best-selling game of 2k games to date and did shockingly well with great longevity of gameplay.

Among all the standard consoles including PC, Borderlands 2 was also released for PS Vita with the relatable DLC packages.

This was one of the best-selling games of all time for good reason. It gives you an incredible experience that is true to the original.

The extensive world and unique elements of a western shooter in space are still present and enjoyable!

Borderlands Legends (2012)

This was a mobile title that was released to accompany Borderlands and was specifically for IOS.

Here it takes a different spin on the series with a top-down strategy game that has limited RPG elements.

This is a game that definitely is an acquired taste, but fans of the original games will find it a refreshing and rewarding experience.

Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and that’s exactly what this title does for those who are accustomed to the RPG style and want something fresh.

You have the ability here to play as all four vault hunters and there is a lot of mission to complete.

Overall, you can’t expect an IOS title to ever fully live up to an existing console release.

However, this is a nice compliment to the series and gives mobile gamers a chance to dive into the lore of Borderlands with ease and convenience!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (2014)

The Pre-sequel is another title from Borderlands that explains Handsome Jack’s rise to power.

It focuses primarily on the events that occur between the first and second games to give players perspective.

It really helps to tie things together and adequately prepares you to tackle the next game.

This title was later released as an addition to the handsome collection and serves as the conduit between titles to give players more perspective.

The gameplay is crisp and solid like the others. It was developed by 2k Australia for Ps3, PC, Xbox 360, and then later for mobile devices.

However, it was re-released for the next-gen consoles including PS4, PC, and X Box one in 2015.

 The Pre-sequel has some valuable information and amazing environments that are worth exploring. It will give you the right information to thoroughly enjoy the second one. You can play as four of Jack’s evil henchmen and this is a fun ride from start to finish as you learn about his motives!

Tales from the Borderlands (2014)

This game takes a much different turn than the traditional ones and is a fresh new look for the series.

It is essentially a story-driven narrative where you focus more on the characters and their own personal development.

It’s a chance for you to get more up close and personal with the intricate conversations and interactions.

It was developed by Telltale Games and they worked with Gearbox software to bring this entry into the series to life!

This is an interesting title because it is technically 5 separate episodes that were released over the course of a year.

Gunplay is definitely still stressed here along with some fun humor that keeps you engaged and enjoying the overall experience.

Here you will essentially recount what happened in the other games but through a new lens of gameplay that places a heavy emphasis on story elements for a unique experience!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (2015)

The Borderlands Handsome collection is as dashing as you might believe as it includes both Borderlands and the fun Pre-sequel.

It was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in March 2015. They were beautifully remastered by Iron Galaxy and Amature studios to suit the modern consoles and many were excited when it was released.

It would give next-generation gamers the ability to witness the fullness of the first title with the pre-sequel to better prepare them for the best Borderlands experience.

The Handsome collection is the best place to start if you want to get into borderlands because it gives you the most impeccably updated graphics for a more reliable modern console.

They conveniently revamped them to adequately support newer consoles. Not only that, but the save games and characters were considered between platforms so you don’t lose your save data. This is a great bargain for two games that would set the stage for the rest of this incredible series!

Borderlands 3 (2019)

Borderlands 3 was highly anticipated and they released it on September 13, 2019.

Gearbox was already in development since 2015 so it wasn’t a huge surprise that there would be another sequel to one of the most popular games of all time.

Borderlands 3 would go on to surpass two when it comes to sales and overall popularity.

It was undoubtedly the best-selling game in the series and continues to be a fan favorite to this day.

Here you will be tasked with stopping the Calypso Twins from getting their hands on the most destructive power in the whole universe.

You will once again choose one of the new vault hunters to find that amazing treasure while defending Earth from pressing and immediate threats from these twins.

This is a unique title because you will visit some other interesting planets instead of just Pandora and there is much more on the line here!

Borderlands Legendary Collection (2020)

If you’re looking for a legendary experience then consider this impressive collection that includes Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and the Pre sequel.

This offer is exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and has gained some traction for those who own this portable system.

It was released in May 2020 and was fairly popular on the scene. It gave switch users a chance to get introduced to the series if they hadn’t already.

The experience on the Switch is very nice and you will feel barely any difference between it and another console.

This is an excellent package to consider if you are a Nintendo player and Borderlands is a title that no one wants to miss!

This Legendary collection is worth getting to gain a higher understanding of the series and prepare for playing Borderlands 3.

There are so many wonderful adventures to have and now you can get most of them to be experienced on the go with the Switch!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (2022)

The first fact to remember about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is that it is a stand-alone game so you should expect things to be done a little differently here.

However, it is definitely based in the Borderlands universe so any player of the series will feel right at home with a neat experience here.

There is more of an emphasis on high fantasy here which is appealing with different spells and melee weapons which are in addition to the commonly used firearm system.

It will be released on March 25th, 2022, and is anticipated to be a smashing hit based on the new game play elements.

Borderlands has a unique way of keeping things fun and interesting while staying true to the original series.

Here you will find familiar elements with a four-player co-op only this time around you’ll have access to some unique fantasy abilities that will be a blast! It will be released on Ps4, Xbox One, Ps5, and Series X next year!

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