10 Mobile Games Like Episode – Story Based Alternative Games

Episode is a popular interactive simulation mobile game filled with thousands of stories that place players in control of the story through their choices.

alternative games to episodes

There’s avatar customization too so that it’s even more immersive. But you don’t just play stories, you can use the platform to write and publish some yourself.

Even though Episode is the largest collection of these choice-based interactive stories, there are plenty more like it. They can differ in art style or the type of stories available, but all share root gameplay experiences being choice-based.

Any of the following 10 games like Episode should help sate the desire of those of you eager to further explore this style of gaming.

The list below is in no particular order.

1. Choices: Stories You Play

“Choices: Stories You Play” is filled with numerous genres such as romance, horror, and fantasy.

You can step into the shoes of a doctor, build up a solid social reputation in an elite college setting, dive into a world filled with magical creatures, or even embark on an action-filled time-traveling adventure.

choices game

Within these tales are many different romances too that add another layer to the stories. You can customize your avatar from their face, skin color, and hairstyle.

There are further in-game purchases for special outfits or premium choices that open different doors toward new scenes.

The library of games is ever-expanding too with many stories feature multiple sequels.

2. My Story: Choose Your Own Path

With “My Story: Choose Your Own Path”, you are greeted with a massive library filled with stories of different genres.

my story

This way, every reader can find something to enjoy. You can find yourself in a typical high school drama filled with friendship, love, and betrayal.

Or you can dive into the outlandish world of dating a billionaire.

Many of these tales have follow-up stories too so that you can continue to enjoy the characters involved.

There are plenty of romances along the way in these stories as well. Besides the traditional ones, some tales may also feature unconventional loves such as falling for your professor.

3. Decisions: Choose Your Stories

Decisions: Choose Your Stories drops you into the shoes of customizable main characters, pulling players into a role-playing experience across several different stories.


There are exciting adventure stories, compelling dramas, and alluring romances to explore.

Since things are choice-based, players can always go back to stories they’ve played and choose other options to see how differently the stories will play out.

Besides customizing your character, this has dress-up options available too. If certain clothes or choices cost coin, the game offers the ability to watch ads to gain them so you can make the choices you wish without purchasing anything.

4. Romance Club – Stories I Play

With “Romance Club”, players are immediately thrown into a romantic interactive choice game where the difference is the type of genre you decide to play in.

romance club stories

You can go the darker route with tales of supernatural creatures such as vampires. Alternatively, there are traditional tales of love with plenty of drama to go with it.

You can fully customize your avatar as well as designing your own outfits. Besides romance, you can embark on different relationships with certain characters, chasing friendships or creating enemies.

There are new stories as well as episode updates regularly.

5. Love 365: Find Your Story

“Love 365: Find Your Story” has a distinctive anime feel to it compared to other similar choice-based apps. With the graphics, players will notice how many scenes play out in art form with the graphics adapting as you progress.

In this story, there are 300 men all fighting for the heart of the main character.

You can choose to focus on a single guy, or you can opt to play the field a bit, having a different guy every week or even daily.

This feature thousands of stories and episodes to explore a variety of adventures.

There are even some holiday-centric ones such as Valentine’s Day specials and Halloween specials.

6. Chapters: Interactive Stories

For an app tailored to suit your specific interest and mood, “Chapters: Interactive Stories” touts itself as a versatile interactive game.

There is a consistently growing base of series among a host of different genres. You can slide into comedy, drama, fantasy, or, of course, romance.

With weekly updates, you’re always ready to continue any story you began. Your tale will begin once you choose your name and set up your style, showing off your personality as you dive head-first into these whirlwind stories.

7. The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story

In “The Arcana: A Mystic Romance”, players are given deep personalization options for the main character such as choosing your own preferred pronouns.

You can even explore multiple character paths with those around you whether one at a time or simultaneously to stir up a bit of drama. There are no limitations provided so you can romance who you wish.

Concerning stories, this features up to 21 unique stories all otome-inspired. This app lets players also unlock other choice paths, encouraging multiple playthroughs to discover something new. Additionally, you can collect artwork throughout the game.

8. Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

“Hollywood Story: Fashion Star” is exactly how it is named. It follows the main character on their way to becoming a Hollywood icon.

You completely personalize your avatar from the hairstyles to the make-up while also making an impact with your choice of fashion.

This game is unique in the fact that it offers the chance to unlock different areas in the city to hang out in, design a dress made for Hollywood, and build up a solid fanbase.

Also, don’t forget the romance aspect as your player can rub elbows with celebrities at unforgettable parties.

9. City of Love: Paris

“City of Love: Paris” is an interactive drama, mystery game where your character must figure out a deadly secret.

As the heroine of the tale, players find themselves in a more self-contained story where the main character finds herself in Paris with a new job interview.

From there, players can explore the beautiful city, meet new characters and develop friendships, rivalries, or possibly romantic connections. Throughout different episodes, you can even collect souvenirs along the way.

There are stunning backgrounds to fully immerse players into the setting as well as some slight animations to keep things running smoothly.

10. Love Sick

With “Love Sick”, players are given a main character to personalize to embark in this role-playing, choice-based world.

Choose not just physical looks, but also what your character is going to wear. There are several different interactive stories to pick from here with them all having multiple episodes for long-term playing.

Besides the many stories, there is also a good helping of genres to pick from too so that no player feels left out. This features fantasy tales, paranormal romances, and even contemporary romances.

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