Some FAQs About SnowRunner Game

SnowRunner is an open-world game with a unique twist. You’re given the opportunity to explore large swaths of land that are filled with ice and snow. But the exploration and missions are all carried out using a selection of trucks carrying a variety of different loads.

a truck in snowrunner

The game is a follow-up to Focus Entertainment’s earlier title – Mudrunner. And SnowRunner takes the mechanics of Mudrunner in an even more challenging, but entertaining, direction.

Is SnowRunner on Xbox Game Pass?

If you’re an Xbox owner and found yourself intrigued by SnowRunner’s description then you’re in luck. SnowRunner was added to Xbox game pass in May of 2021. This means that if you’re an Xbox game pass subscriber then you can play SnowRunner with no additional fees or purchases.

Does SnowRunner Have Console Mods?

Mods are one of the best ways to breathe new life into a game. Players who love a game will often create their own content for it as mods and share the results online. The practice is most common on PC. But Focus Entertainment has made it easy to create, share, and install SnowRunner mods on consoles as well.

Console players simply need to enter the game’s mod browser and subscribe to a particular mod. The game will proceed to download the selected mod. And at that point, you just need to enable the mod to make it available for use in SnowRunner. If you end up not liking any given mod you can deactivate it just as easily.

Is SnowRunner on Nintendo Switch?

SnowRunner initially caught people’s attention on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. But while it took some time, a port to the Switch has been released. SnowRunner made its debut on Nintendo’s flagship system in May of 2021.

Is SnowRunner Free on PS4?

PlayStation owners who’ve heard about SnowRunner’s availability on Xbox game pass might wonder if they have a similar option. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Nobody can say what might happen in the future.

But at the moment there’s no way to play SnowRunner for free on the PS4. The game is available for download on the PlayStation store. But you’ll need to pay the full retail price for it.

Is SnowRunner Better than MudRunner?

MudRunner fans might wonder if SnowRunner is worth buying. And if you just compare specs you might get the impression that the two games are fairly similar. But SnowRunner generally surpasses MudRunner in almost every respect.

One of the biggest points in SnowRunner’s favor is that it’s a lot more active and focused than MudRunner. You’re kept more invested in the gameplay thanks to a wider variety of activities. SnowRunner provides more engaging contacts, tasks, and missions that will keep you working toward specific goals.

The maps in SnowRunner also see some huge improvements when compared to MudRunner. It might seem like a snowy environment would feel sparse and generally washed out. But that’s far from the case.

SnowRunner does a great job of highlighting the rich colors seen in various natural areas during harsh winter conditions. In fact, the colors and scenery are far richer than the natural areas seen in MudRunner.

MudRunner has a focus on brown mud and SnowRunner on white snow. But SnowRunner does a far better job of using those colors to enhance the scenery while in MudRunner the browns tend to dominate everything else.

Even the mud in SnowRunner handles better than in MudRunner. It’s clear that the developers built on an already solid mud mechanic from MudRunner when they were working on SnowRunner. Working through mud is generally more challenging and fun in SnowRunner than it was in MudRunner.

SnowRunner does have a few minor problems not seen in MudRunner. One of the most notable is the lack of manual versus automatic control.

SnowRunner also lacks MudRunner’s cruise control. But these are mostly minor issues in an otherwise superior sequel. In general, SnowRunner builds upon and surpasses almost everything found in MudRunner.

Is there Multiplayer in SnowRunner?

SnowRunner is a lot of fun to play solo. But you can also join up with up to three other friends for co-op multiplayer. The game even has crossplay support. This means that many players will be able to connect with friends on different platforms.

This crossplay support should eventually reach a point where any given platform can connect to any other platform. However, this is still a work in progress. Since the initial release, more and more platforms have had crossplay support added to the game.

And at the moment most platforms have full crossplay support. The one major exception is the Switch version of SnowRunner. However, crossplay support is still planned for the Switch at a later point.

What is the Difference Between SnowRunner and SnowRunner Premium?

You might have noticed that there are two different versions of SnowRunner – SnowRunner and SnowRunner Premium. However, they’re actually the same game. The only difference is that SnowRunner premium has the Year 1 Pass.

Is SnowRunner Free on Xbox?

People might have heard that SnowRunner is free on Xbox. But that’s not quite true. SnowRunner is free to play on Xbox if you have Xbox game pass. But if you don’t have Xbox game pass you’ll have to buy the retail version of SnowRunner to play it on the Xbox.

Is SnowRunner on PS5?

PlayStation 5 owners might be a little confused about the best way to play SnowRunner. The PlayStation 4 version of SnowRunner runs perfectly on the PlayStation 5. And until recently that was the best and only way to experience SnowRunner on the PS5.

But the end of May 2022 should bring a native version of SnowRunner to the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 version of SnowRunner will come with some nice graphical improvements with 4k resolution and 60 FPS. And anyone who owns the PlayStation 4 version of SnowRunner can even upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free.

Is SnowRunner Split Screen?

You might have seen videos of people playing SnowRunner on split-screen. Unfortunately, these videos are simply joined together to show what’s going on within two separate co-op sessions. SnowRunner is fully co-op and multiplayer. But it doesn’t have split-screen support.

Is SnowRunner Open World?

The term open-world game can be somewhat fuzzy or nebulous. But SnowRunner is an open-world game by almost any definition of the term. The game does have set missions and objectives.

But you’re free to simply drive through the beautiful scenery of various regions rather than focusing on assigned tasks. You can essentially play SnowRunner any way you like without being forced into specific play styles or missions.

Does SnowRunner Have VR (Virtual Reality) support?

At the moment SnowRunner doesn’t have VR support on any platform. Additionally, Focus Entertainment hasn’t shared any plans to add VR support in the future.

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