All Fallout Video Games in Order of Release

“Fallout” is a post-apocalyptic theme video game which was developed first by Interplay Productions for the Windows PC and Mac OS platforms.

fallout games in order list

In this article we have curated all Fallout game editions and present them below in the order they were initially released.

Fallout (1997)

This is where it all started and will give you a classic Fallout experience where you are designated to retrieve a water chip in hostile post-apocalyptic environments.

The artwork and design of this game are very similar to the post-WW2 atmosphere where nuclear threats were at an all-time high.

Here you can explore the wasteland and find the right resources needed to thrive and make it back to base with the right equipment.

The game leads you down a path where you have to deal with mutated enemies and their Master who pose a threat to your well-being in an already threatening terrain.

Fallout 2 (1998)

When Fallout 2 was released there was high anticipation for an improvement on the engine and that’s what players got.

There were also other various enhancements to the experience including graphics and game mechanics.

This storyline follows the Vault dweller as you save the village and keep people protected from the enemies lurking around every corner.

You are tasked with fighting off the enclave once the village is safe and this is the remnant of the United States government.

It’s up to you to discover the true nature of the vault project and make sure they’re held accountable.

This game is a definite improvement from the original, but better enhancements are yet to come.

Fallout 2 featured pop culture references and more realistic settings and delivered a fun experience that gave players a more innovative and interactive environment.

The story here was also along the same lines as the original but with different enemies and overarching goals.

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (2001)

Fallout Tactics was an exciting release because it was the first game in the series that allowed you the freedom from a turn-based system.

You also were able to conduct customization for your combat actions, skills, and necessary survival perks.

As the name implies, Fallout Tactics is focused on a more tactical approach to the title with a less central emphasis on role-playing.

One of the main complaints about this game is that it’s not considered to be in the main storyline of the Fallout series.

However, it’s a very fresh and innovative take on a different method of gameplay.

It is located in the Midwest of the United States and featured a comprehensive multiplayer mode for the first time.

This was exciting because players could interact together finally and share in the Fallout universe.

This is a great game to consider if you’re looking for something fresh and innovative within the series. It is a deliberate switch from the standard turn-based gameplay to something more free and tactical.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (2004)

It’s important to note that this was the first console release for any Fallout game and this was a major deal at the time.

It is essentially the sequel to the previous title because it follows an initiate of the group.

This is also a different take on the series with an innovative action role-playing game.

It is definitely aesthetically distinct and the gameplay is remarkably different yet satiating.

One notable difference here is the music which went from smooth to heavy metal which many players adored at the time.

This was indeed the last Fallout game that was overseen by Interplay and was respected by players and developers alike.

This was yet another spin on the series that was exciting for console players.

They were able to finally enjoy the subtleties of the series and thrive in the challenges of an apocalyptic simulation!

Fallout 3 (2008)

The third concrete title in the series was developed by Bethesda Game studios and takes place around 30 years after the events of Fallout 2.

Here you are tasked with finding your father in the Washington D.C. area after being kicked out of the vault because he violated their regulations.

This game definitely had some improvements since the second title because here you will find 3D graphics along with a larger world to explore.

The open-world concept is what Fallout has been well-known for over the years and here is where it started to develop.

The reviews for Fallout 3 were tremendously positive as it was the first of many new popular games that were being conjured from the modern era.

As new technology was developing, Fallout fans were in for a treat with an enhanced interface and smoother gameplay.

It was for the PC, Xbox 360, and Ps3 with the Gamebryo engine to back up a masterful game!

Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

This was a Fallout title that was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and was officially released on October 19, 2010.

It’s important to note that for this title there were developers who worked on the Fallout 1 and 2 games so fans expected something similar to those.

This is essentially a post-apocalyptic New Vegas where you can explore the desolate casino wasteland and find your potential murderer.

It’s important to understand that this is not a sequel to Fallout 3 as many misinterpret it to be.

There are no characters from that game here, but these events take place after Fallout 3.

It’s a different story line that makes it a unique experience if you like the Las Vegas atmosphere.

This was a great game that many still enjoy today surprisingly despite it being an older title. It was incredibly popular at the time and won the hearts of many through the vibrant graphics and epic game play!

Fallout Shelter (2015)

This is essentially a simulation game that is for PC, Ps3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and mobile applications.

You are the Overseer of the entire operation and this gives the player a sense of power.

In this game, it’s your task to make sure things are running smoothly in the vault and that requires attention to detail and the right strategical decisions.

There are many intricate details you need to keep in mind when managing the vault, and there is no perceived ending.

You have the power to boost people’s stats and keep them alive for the long term.

Here you will be in charge of the entire vault and this is a lot of responsibility. You control their actions and send them on scouting missions to find valuable resources.

Or you might need them to protect your base with the necessary action. There are many game materials to find and Fallout Shelter keeps gamers entertained to this very day!

Fallout 4 (2015)

This game was released on November 10, 2015, and was for PC, Ps4, and Xbox One.

The setting is in Boston Massachusetts. This is the true sequel to Fallout 3 and takes place 10 years after these events.

You will find that there is a lot of action here because it takes place during the time where the bombs were dropped.

Later on, you make the grueling journey to the wasteland where the primary task is to find your son.

There are many possibilities and terrains to explore here and you will enjoy an enriching gaming experience with Fallout 4. Many gamers give it a lot of praise because of the sharpened mechanics and good story.

Both PlayStation and Xbox One have mods that can be used in-game and this was determined after the debate from the developers. Overall, it turned out to be the best decision in the end and the players agree!

Fallout 76 (2018)

This is the anticipated first multiplayer game in the official franchise and gives players a more interactive and fun experience.

However, if you miss the traditional solo route then there are also options in 76 where you can play by yourself.

The setting is in West Virginia where the monsters are based on some interesting legends around the area.

You will battle some unique creatures in this game and will get a refined Fallout experience. Many players have held this to be their favorite Fallout, and it has been released on all platforms including PC.

This is truly a fun experience where you can battle the Folklore of West Virginia and follow the unique story line.

There were originally no non-human computers but they later decided to implement them with an update.

Fallout 76 is definitely the most modern version of the franchise and has a solid ground for extensive replayability.

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