Spyro the Dragon Games in Order of Chronological Release

Many gamers are familiar with Spyro and it’s hard to come across someone who hasn’t played one of the many titles released since 1998.

spyro the dragon games in order of release

Here we will be discussing each of the titles in-depth to give you a comprehensive overview of their specific features and game play.

Each one brings something new to the table, and the beloved little purple dragon continues to pack a big punch across all titles. It’s time to examine what each one of them brings to the table!

Let’s see all (almost) Spyro the Dragon games in order of release below:

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

This was the first entry in the series and it’s obviously less sophisticated than what we see today on next-generation consoles.

This was developed by insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment was the publisher. This classic platformer was forged to compete with the Nintendo 64 System and it certainly had some positive reviews at the time.

The Playstation was still new to the scene and this was a different era of gaming where things were set in motion to where we see Spyro today.

Here you will hunt down Gnasty Gnorc while navigating through challenging platforms and collecting rewards.

Ripto’s Rage! (1999)

Ripto’s Rage was also in the same era with basically parallel elements to the first one but with some new additions.

There are many new character additions with only Spyro and Sparx from the first game.

This game takes an interesting twist as a portal is opened that brings forth a bunch of bad guys to put in their place.

Each dragon has been carefully crafted and the graphics have been improved upon the last title.

Ripto is the aggressive and ill-tempered warlock that was summoned to the land through a portal error and it’s up to you to develop the skills to defeat him with the finesse Spyro is known for!

Year of the Dragon (2000)

Year of the Dragon was also developed and published by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment. This would be Insomniac’s final project on Spyro before they moved to develop other games.

The year of the Dragon title is named after the Chinese Zodiac, and it’s a more refined version of the others from what we’ve examined so far.

In this title, 150 magical eggs have been stolen by an evil sorceress who seeks to sow discord and destruction wherever she treads.

You will go across various worlds collecting them and defeating tough enemies along the way for a rewarding experience.

Players have access to over 30 versatile worlds with versatility in characters and even exciting mini-games to consider for more rewards!

Enter the Dragonfly (2002)

This is where Spyro started to get a little more serious and impressive as it was released for a more sharpened console like the PS2 and Gamecube options.

This was developed by Check Six Studios with Equinoxe Digital entertainment and obviously published by Sony.

One of the most notable additions to Enter the Dragonfly is the versatility regarding the breath attack options.

You can use many of them for different situations and you even have a block move which is great for absorbing damage.

Players noticed a negative difference in the game overall with certain glitches and lack of originality.

However, the gameplay is definitely sharpened and worth the ride even though it got mixed reviews.

This was the first installment of Spyro that wasn’t made by the original developers and it showed.

Attack of the Rhynocs (2003)

This is a different take on the Spyro series and it was developed by Digita Eclipse while being published by Universal Interactive exclusively for the Game boy advance in 2003.

Attack of the Rhynocs was similar to the other two games prior to it only this time you have more options in item collecting to keep it fresh.

It also features a more intricate role-playing system that helps you get to know the characters better and results in a more immersive experience with dynamic characters.

There are many collectibles here and there is less emphasis on platforming and more on collecting rare gems. It’s definitely a different experience where you use portals to traverse the well-crafted levels.

Cortex Conspiracy (2004)

This is another interesting release that was actually a conglomeration with Crash Bandicoot Purple. It was released for the game boy advance and was developed by Vicarious Visions.

This is a single scrolling cross-over adventure title that has limited platforming elements. Instead, there is a heavy focus on the many fun mini-games that each character plays to progress.

Each mini-game has a distinctive quality to it and you’ll have to use your mind to win. One very interesting element implemented in Cortex Conspiracy is the introduction of trading cards that you could send over a link at the time with friends.

You team up later with Crash Bandicoot after perceiving each other as enemies to take down the threat of Riptoc.

A Hero’s Tail (2004)

A Hero’s Tail was a clever title and the gameplay was also impressive with increased integrity and fewer glitches for more intuitive systems like the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox.

The dragon worlds have been corrupted by a special dark Gem and it’s up to you as Spyro to collect them and restore peace and balance to the world.

This is no easy task with the plethora of versatile enemies and new obstacles to conquer.

Some of them might be puzzling at first, but it’s definitely a smoother ride than the older Spyro games.

New abilities are introduced such as ledge grabbing, wall-kicking, and the unique ability to swing the tail like a lasso.

There are many types of eggs to collect even after you complete the main campaign.

Shadow Legacy (2005)

Shadow Legacy is considered to be the final entry in the original series and it was released for the Nintendo DS with great success for handheld gamers. Here you will enter the dark world of the shadow realm to unravel the mystery of each Dragon’s captivity.

There are some very challenging enemies and your main one is a wicked sorcerer who causes the mayhem going on in the dragon worlds.

It’s up to Spyro in this thrilling title to free them each individually and it’s highly satisfying because each world is different.

Level up in Shadow legacy to gain experience points and upgrade your skills at the elusive Dragon Temple where you’ll hone your skills for combating the dark forces.

A New Beginning (2006)

A New Beginning was released in 2006 for the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Nintendo DS, and even the Gameboy advance. This was a versatile game that brought hours of classic Spyro enjoyment to many players.

This is where Spyro took a new turn that was more appealing to many players which are more emphasis on combat. Previously, he would do a lot of gliding and collect with less physical violence.

However, this was incredibly limiting, and A New Beginning sought to address that with a new combat system that was intensely rewarding.

Furies were new exceptionally powerful attacks added and you can still use the classic fire breath in different forms. This is a more action-based Spyro game, but it stays true to the concept.

Eternal Night (2007)

Eternal night was also released for multiple systems including the PS2, GameBoy Advance, Wii, and DS.

Many of the concepts from the first Legend of Spyro title are present here with more combat than previous titles. You continue to upgrade your skills to progress and get more powerful.

There is a highly unique skill here worth noting which is the “Dragon Time” option. Here you can slow down time and this has dual functions.

First of all, it makes quick work of larger groups of enemies so you feel less pressured throughout the gameplay experience.

It’s intensely satisfying to just destroy them all while slowing time. Also, this fun ability makes platforming more enjoyable with increased control and less frustration.

Dawn of the Dragon (2008)

This is the final chapter of the Legend of Spyro trilogy and it was for the newly developed PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, and Nintendo DS.

There is an evil Dark Master named Malefor who threatens the well-being of the whole land and only Spyro can stop him.

Only in this title, you team up with a previous enemy to accomplish this as an added twist.

You can fly any time with the free fly mode and you will find that the rest of the game is remarkably advanced compared to the rest with the advent of better technology.

One thing you’ll notice is the gaming environments are much larger and more enriching than the previous games. Graphics are better and the design is far more expansive for exploration and visual enjoyment.

Reignited Trilogy (2018)

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a revamped series that was developed by Toys for Bob and Activision was the Publisher.

Here, players get to experience the quintessential classic first three games made by the original developers with a modern revamp. It is for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The difference between the graphics and gameplay is staggering, and if you enjoyed the first three then this will be an epic treat to see Spyro looking so elegant.

Each title is all about restoring peace to the world in the face of magical and physical threats that loom. There is thorough attention to detail here with three games that are worth experiencing in light of the next-generation systems!

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