Is Valorant Free Game on Xbox or PS4/PS5?

Valorant is a free game for PC. It’s a character-based shooter game that pits 5 players against 5 other players. It’s based on a stylized, animated style. It’s a first-person shooter type game but set within a multiplayer environment.

agents from valorant free game

The game moves in 13 rounds, and the objective is to defend your side using your weapons and other abilities.

It’s different than many other similar games since you only get one life per round. This game is futuristic in nature and each person plays an agent from the game.

Each agent has an ultimate ability, as well as more minor unique abilities. The unique abilities have so many charges you can use over a certain amount of time.

The unique ability is only activated when you get a certain amount of certain goals, including deaths, orbs, kills, or accomplished objectives.


Currently, the PC Valorant adds a number of weapons which includes secondary guns including sidearms like pistols, with primary guns running the gamut.

You can have shotguns, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and more. These include both semi-automatic and automatic guns.

There are 16 different agents to choose from. These include options like Cypher, Sova, Killyjoy, Skye, Chamber, Reyna, and more.

valorant agents

Each agent is quite unique in terms of how they play. This is one of those games that has so many different agents that you can specialize on one of the agents if you like.

Plus, it’s often the case that future expansions will add more and more agents to make for a truly wide number of choices for those who like novelty and finding the perfect agent for them.

After all, it takes practice even to get skilled with one particular player so it might as well be one that you like to play.

Which Platforms Can You Play Valorant On?

Currently, you can only play the game on Microsoft Windows PC, that’s it. The exact method you use to play through PC is still up to you since you can use a keyboard and mouse or some kind of game controller or other peripheral if you want. Apparently, at the moment, it’s optimized for keyboard and mouse on PC, however.

Is Valorant on Xbox?

Right now, you can’t play Valorant on Xbox. However, game director Joe Ziegler has said in a recent interview that they were exploring options for expansion including both mobile and console platforms including Xbox One, for example.

Right now, they are focused on Valorant’s development on PC Microsoft Windows, but it’s certainly possible they could expand the game to the Xbox platform or even other platforms over time. It’s just not happening right now.

Is Valorant Coming to PlayStation PS4/PS5 Consoles?

Right now, the Valorant development team is focused only on PC, so no, you can’t play it on PS4 or PS5 as of yet. However, the developers have said that opening up PlayStation for development is certainly possible as time goes on a bit.

The PC version of the game uses an anti-cheating software called Vanguard, which is considered highly intrusive on a PC Windows computer and opens up possible security vulnerabilities.

The Operating System of game Consoles (Playstation or Xbox) however is more secure and robust thus Vanguard software will not be required on consoles.

So, that may be one advantage you will have if it comes out for gaming console platforms eventually, which is certainly possible. No one will know for sure until it actually happens, however.

valorant agents

Does Valorant Cost Money?

Valorant is completely free to play on Microsoft Windows, which is the only platform you can use to play it on at the moment. There is some cost for in-game extras (cosmetic accessories, loot etc) but these are optional.

There could be a cost to the game if it is released for other platforms, of course, and its pay structure could change in the future.

This cost will completely depend on Valorant. Usually, these games do cost something if they come to other platforms like Xbox.

A free mobile version of the game is rumored for the near future, but it wouldn’t be odd if there was a price to it as well.

For the moment though, it is a free game for you to play as long as you have a Microsoft Windows computer that meets the specs for proper game operation.

When Was Valorant Released?

Valorant was released on June 2, 2020, by Riot Games. It had actually been in development since 2014.

Part of its purpose was to vie for attention and pull players from other games like Counter-strike, which comprise some of the most popular games ever made. Another way to describe its genre is “tactical shooter.”

There was actually a closed beta even earlier on April 7, 2020, during its final development.

The June date is when it was opened for everyone, however, and it’s probably the date when most people started playing if they began early.

How Many Users Does Valorant Have?

The number of people who play Valorant in general, not just per game, is an average of around 12 million active players per month at the time of this writing.

The most were about 15 million in the month of July 2021, according to some statistics.

This is only an estimate, however, and it shouldn’t be considered any kind of exact number.

This number could also change at any time, and probably will change, potentially dramatically, with any important event like an update.

This could also be future potential events too, such as expansions into new platforms, pre-planned events, or just about anything else you can think of or not.

In terms of users per game, each team has five players on it, so in general, you only have a maximum of 10 players per game.

Since there are only so many players on a side as a team, agents are divided into four different types of roles.

There’s the duelist, for example, whose job is to attack and go into a bomb site.

Valorant itself calls this type “self-sufficient fraggers.” In other words, you wander around by yourself and kill people in order to help open the way for your team.

Duelists have abilities focused on what they need to do, including blinding enemies, moving more quickly, and so on. They need to get their team in on the attack, in other words.

Sentinels are on defense, and their job is to make their team’s site harder to enter. They create obstacles to gain information or block and kill enemies. Some even keep people from entering an area.

Initiators plan out attacks, start fights and open doors where duelists are. They are more the fighters in the offense. Their abilities include locating enemies or retaking sites.

Controller agents focus on terrain and area effect stuff. They can help control crowds of people, for example, with slow effects, or even just with smoke machines.

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