Is the Forest Game on Xbox? Is the Forest Cross Platform?

The Forest is a survival horror game that was published by Endnight Games. The setting for the game is the forest in a peninsula that’s in the middle of nowhere. The main playable characters are named Eric Leblanc and his son, Tim. They survive a plane crash and are trying to survive from there.

is the forest game on xbox or crossplay

The game has nonlinear elements and you’re in an open world, which means that there’s no real rails or anything, no specific plot to follow, in other words.

You don’t have anything like a quest or a mission. Instead, you just have to do everything you can to stay alive using whatever method you want.

Although there’s nothing that’s extremely specific in terms of objectives and doing it a certain way, you do have some objectives that you need to perform, such as building and placing a survival structure etc.

It has strong survival elements since you have to make a shelter, various survival tools, and weapons.

Beyond being wary of animals, there’s also a cannibalistic tribe of mutated humans in the peninsula where you crashed.

They will not attack you every time, but their behavior is surprisingly complex as they will use all sorts of tactics to avoid damage and only attack when they have the advantage.

There’s a day and night cycle, making it necessary to get supplies during the day and fight off the cannibals at night when they are bolder.

There are two endings possible, and they generally revolve around secret artifacts and trying to save the son, Timmy.

On Which Game Platforms Can You Play the Forrest Game?

Currently, you can play this game on PC and PS4, although it is always possible they will add more platforms later.

Is the Forest Game on Xbox?

Currently, you can’t play this game on Xbox at all. A developer for the Forest has said previously that they wanted to bring the game to Xbox, so perhaps that is still possible, though nothing is for certain.

Most people think that it’s been long enough since the game came out in 2018 that it’s rather unlikely they will add any more ports, but this has happened before, so you never know.

There’s also a sequel game that’s coming out, the “Sons of the Forest”. It’s possible this game will be available for something like Xbox One, though again, information on this game is currently fairly scarce, and everything is just rumors at this point.

cannibals in the forest

Is the Forest Game Cross-play/Cross-platform?

You currently can’t play across platforms in the Forest. So, in order to play multiplayer with others on the game, you must both have the same platform, such as both of you playing on PC, for example.

If you have the same platform, like PlayStation, then you may have a little more room for flexibility, however.

For example, if you played the Forest on PS4, then your saved games can be transferred to PS5 if you buy the new version.

That’s the extent of moving between platforms, however. It’s also unlikely you will ever get crossplay for that specific game, given how no statements have been made about this changing.

So, while there isn’t a cross-platform option per se, you can do multiplayer on the same platform if you so choose.

This allows you to play co-op as you both try to survive the night together against the various dangers of the peninsula.

Having more than one player can help against the tactics of the mutants to surround you, which is often much more of a threat if you are all by yourself with no one to watch your back.

So, while you have to be on the same platform to do it, multiplayer is completely possible and a fun way to experience the game.

The creators said they wanted to keep multiplayer on a local level since they didn’t like the game dynamics of MMORPGs nearly as much as keeping it to two players since this fits the type of game that they did much better thematically.

Will Sons of the Forest/Forest 2 Be Playable on Xbox?

It’s certainly possible, although it is not known yet. With the first “Forest Game”, it started out on PC, and the functionality for PlayStation only came out later.

It’s still fairly early in the timeline for this game since it’s still not going to come out for at least half a year. So, there could be an announcement about more platforms at any time.

There are rumors that the development team wants to bring it to Xbox One, but can only focus on one platform at a time since they are a small team.

This means they can only focus on PS4 and Windows initially. Given the developers have said they have interest in bringing it to Xbox, however, there’s certainly that possibility that they will add it in later if they have the time and resources for it before its release.

Some platforms pay for timed exclusivity, meaning that the developer agrees to wait a pre-determined time before releasing the game on a new platform, so that’s additional evidence that you at least have the chance of getting more platforms down the road if and when any of these agreements expire.

It will also depend considerably on how popular the game is when it comes out. Past experience with games of this type indicates that the more financially successful and generally popular this game is, the more ports it will get.

There have been games before that were so popular that they got more and more ports over time.

Final Fantasy games, for example, have a few titles that have come out in the late nineties that were so popular that every time they get a new platform coming out, that game was given new life in the new platform, going all the way from the original PlayStation to PlayStation 5.

Many have been available on just about every platform from the Xbox, PC, even Linux lines.

Some people think its possible games like Sons of the Forest can get availability for the Nintendo Switch even, though again, nothing is set in stone beyond the initial platforms.

However, there is reason to hope for more platforms like Xbox One as long as the developers are still interested and there is money to be made.

When is the Release Date for “Sons of the Forrest”?

The current release date for this sequel game is expected to be on May 20, 2022, so there’s still some time left.

This is the date given out after a recent delay in the release date. People were worried that it was going to come out as late as winter 2022, but currently, it should be in late May.

Unfortunately, you can’t pre-order the game yet, as of mid-December 2021. The May release date just came out, so it will probably be a bit longer until you can find a pre-order link, but they will surely be up eventually.

It’s just a situation where you have to keep your eyes open since these things can change at any moment as more and more information becomes available the closer it gets to the actual date where it comes out.

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