Top 5 Uncharted Games Ranked From the Least to Greatest Experience

The Uncharted series has touched the hearts and captured the explorative imagination of millions of gamers around the world.

best uncharted games ranked

It places heavy emphasis on its Action-Adventure single-player campaigns, but there are still multiplayer experiences throughout the series to experience if that’s a deal-breaker for you.

This story follows the personable treasure hunter who is sometimes viewed as the male counterpart to the Tomb Raider Series.

Nevertheless, there are some distinctive qualities about Drake that make it a completely new experience.

These include his witty and comical approach to life-threatening situations across the varying ominous and awe-inspiring mysteries that are inspired by true history.

Adventuring with Nathan Drake gives you a mixture of thrilling third-person shooter combat sequences, climbing challenging obstacles, and solving daunting puzzles to find that elusive treasure!

Don’t forget to snap a few pictures of the breathtaking view along the way!

Let’s now discuss the best ranking Uncharted Games according to my experience after playing all of the games in this series.

#5. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Let’s be honest about Drake’s Fortune, it was a revolutionary and thrilling game and was the standard of excellence at the time.

The first of the series should give you a solid introduction to everything and this game accomplishes it with a lot of fun and memorable moments.

It’s a great classic game, but it is definitely overshadowed by the modern elements of the later titles.

It doesn’t have the best visual appeal and there could be more character development in this game.

There isn’t as much depth, but it’s worth experiencing if you wish to understand the roots of Drake. Drake’s fortune is a great game when the series was in its infancy.

You could feel the greatness that would come from the developments of modern gaming.

Here you are placed on a quest to find the legendary lost city of gold known as El Dorado.

Most have heard of this legendary location and there have been discussions about the possibility for a long time.

When it comes to gameplay, this one seemed a bit sluggish and needed some work.

The general concepts include 3d platforming across varying challenging terrains, solving puzzles, and engaging in thrilling gun combat.

The graphics were good for the time but certainly left a lot to be desired. This was a stage in gaming where there were still limitations for a higher-level experience.

The remaster of Drake’s Fortune would be advised if you’re going to play this title.

Ultimately, it was a major success for a reason, and it would usher in an age of next-level Uncharted games for modern systems!

#4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Here we have Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which is an expansion to the normal series and focuses on Chloe the Thief who was a featured character in the previous games and frequently had interactions with Drake throughout campaigns.

Here the main objective is to search for the tusk of Ganesh and much of the gameplay is the same as the traditional Uncharted experience.

This game incorporates many familiar elements like the 3rd person shooter perspective, scavenging for resources, climbing obstacles, solving puzzles, and driving vehicles!

This is definitely an experience worth having if you enjoyed Chloe as a character because she is the central focus here.

I always saw her as the cat woman of the Uncharted Series and this title allows you to explore her backstory and learn more about her.

Some downsides worth mentioning about the Lost Legacy would be that it feels like a more forgettable experience.

It just feels sort of thrown together in a convenient revamp with no particularly special qualities.

You will find that the antagonists here are less memorable than in the previous games, but the thrilling hand-to-hand combat system makes up for this.

Gameplay is excellent if you don’t mind taking an excursion away from the other staple games of the series.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to take the focus away from the main character and expand on another and this game accomplishes that.

The combat is refreshing with Chloe’s unique fighting style. This is very noticeable and it felt more like a martial arts game than an action brawler. She has a distinct fighting technique that is worth exploring!

#3. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

There were great expectations in place when Uncharted 3 was released because people knew it would be an intensely rewarding experience.

They certainly aimed for that with a thrilling adrenaline rush of a game with Drake’s Deception.

The visuals of this game were truly incredible and gave a sense of realism that made me get butterflies.

It had many moments where it felt like a large drop on a roller coaster with memorable scenes that were extremely exciting.

The gameplay was also very rewarding with a combat system that grew more challenging as you progress.

This game can be likened to an enhanced Indiana Jones experience where you’re in far more danger than you ever realized.

Of course, Drake will always get by through either skill or luck. Uncharted three was a more interesting gun play experience with more depth for versatile ways to eliminate threats.

This game also evolved the hand-to-hand combat system along with the ability to blind fire enemies and other unique intricacies.

Drake’s Deception was definitely a smoother experience with an action-packed adventure that will leave you awe-inspired and wide-eyed.

Still, I felt as though the story could have been planned out with more consideration since Among Thieves was a lot to live up to.

A multiplayer was introduced in this game and it’s a challenging yet rewarding mode to enjoy.

The graphics were truly stunning and kept you on the edge of your seat as you witness Drake barely scraping by the most life-threatening situations with comedic charm.

There’s something about the way he shrugs off danger in this particular game that is very entertaining consistently.

#2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Many consider Uncharted 2 to be one of the greatest action games ever created and still hold that to this day.

Graphics might not be perfect, but Among Thieves gives one of the best gaming narratives possible and really raised the bar for everyone else.

It’s an action-packed adventure that gives you a sense of being on the edge throughout the entire journey.

Here the central focus is around the Cintamani Stone which was from the city of Shambhala according to legend.

The entire journey is centered around this artifact and it takes you in many directions.

This is truly a gaming masterpiece and includes a fluid story that over-delivers and keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Uncharted 2 was exceptionally brilliant and would set the stage for a new approach to the series with more narrative-driven approaches.

Here you will enjoy an interesting twist with Chloe as mentioned earlier.

Everything is intertwined, and playing the first game allows you to really appreciate how much consideration went into sharpening and developing the second.

Among thieves also has a multiplayer experience that many consider being the best out of them.

Here you have something to do after the main campaign is completed, but if you’re going to replay any Uncharted game a second time then choose this one.

It’s the most memorable narrative with comprehensive gameplay that has excellent character development and a daunting antagonist. This is truly a spectacular game.

A lot of thought and effort went into really making the story line perfect and there was a good balance of downtime vs the aggressive combat sequences.

Another notable quality about this game is it has a supernatural quality to it that is apparent especially as it develops towards the end.

#1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Many will agree that Uncharted 4 was one of the greatest games ever made because of the striking balance between a great story and the summation of Drake’s journey.

It was the culmination of every title in the series, but it’s not going to be the last. This was my favorite title of the series because it brings everything together and delivers a more emotional experience between the characters.

We see the unstoppable Nathan Drake after countless adventures attempting to settle down into the real world and balance his own life with the seething and burning desire for adventure creeping nearby.

This is yet another Uncharted game that can make learning about history more interesting with the introduction of certain figures like Thomas Tew and Henry Avery.

Uncharted 4 is a cinematic pleasure with fun environments and a heart-warming story. It leaves things open-ended for another entry into the series which we anticipate to happen next year.

Everything about the fourth title including the story, platforming, and combat is sharpened making it the best of all elements. It has the advantage of being on a next-generation console, but there was also careful consideration regarding the development of Drake as a character.

It really speaks to the inner struggle of constantly chasing that rush of a new adventure or settling down to enjoy life with those you love without introducing that risk.

The universal positive response to this title cements it as one of the greatest games of all time even against the critical mind!

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